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Rand Paul vs. Women

Gotta give it up for Rand Paul — especially if you hate women who have abortions. In an AP story, Paul called Roe v Wade “one of the most horrific judicial travesties in the history of our nation.” Paul’s on board supporting a “Life at Conception Act” making the rounds in Washington. All these new members of Congress seem to be competing to show the world that they are more against abortion than each other. No, Paul missed the memo on civil public discourse at U of L yesterday. The act purports to make it a law that “all unborn…

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Living in the High End of The Precipitation Forecast

We all know those people. The ones who call and say, “Did you hear we’re getting 8 inches of snow tomorrow?”  In actuality the forecast is 1-3 inches but there could be “bands” of heavier precip 100 miles north and so that person assumes it’s going to snow butt deep to a buffalo in their back yard.  Such is the situation in the metro today as one station I watch is calling for 3-6 inches of snow while another is calling for 1-3.  At the end of the day neither forecast is crippling.  Neither amount would, say, prohibit you from…