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TGIF Local Lunch Post – Dining Guest Jeff Noble Reflects and Recommends

My friend Jeff Noble steps up to the plate this week to offer some dining suggestions as well as taking us on a nostalgic tour of Louisville establishments gone by. While still buoyant with the spirit of Independence Day, I thought it would be fitting to invite someone who is passionate about the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the city of Louisville. Jeff is known as a tireless volunteer and serves his community and local government with both traditional and progressive values. He works as a legislative aide to Metro Councilman Brent Ackerson (D-26) and serves as a political advisor to…

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TGIF Local Lunch Post – Keeping Louisville Weird…and Cool In the Heat

No matter how high the temps, Louisville remains cool and the revenge can be sweet. Thanks to our hard-working indie merchants for creating such a wide array of drinks and desserts! Here are some fresh ideas to-go or for dining in: , Graeter’s, Sweet Surrender, Comfy Cow,  Dairy Dell, Java Brewing Co., Dairy Kastle,  Heine Bros., Lula’s Frozen Yogurt and Treats. Find out how  to catch a Grasshopper Pie and more cool concoctions in your neighborhood at Homemade Ice Cream & PIe Kitchen. Stay as cool as you are for supporting local, independent business! Send in your suggestions for places to beat the…

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Bare Heart Buddy: A New Business That Helps Those Grieving or in Separation

When we are hurting, children and adults want to hug and hold.  When someone dies, it is not surprising that all of us may find a favorite stuffed animal to snuggle close that somehow reminds of what seems fleeting—that love is endless and timeless.  This is the message that Bare Hearts, a new business created by Louisvillian and Certified Child Life Specialist (CCLS) Molly Eiche, has established in its line of teddy bears that are filled with keepsakes for people to cope with trauma and grief.  The company is now expanding to working with hospitals and other healthcare circles that…

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TGIF Local Lunch Post – Start the Weekend with a Meal Like Mama Used to Make

As we move into the Mother’s Day weekend, we focus on the table of our youth. The tireless work of nourishing their children has provided us with memories our moms from a PBJ in the lunchbox to fried chicken and biscuits after church. This Friday’s lunch suggestions appeals to the comfort food lover in all of us – meals that were favorites when we lived at  home have become  menu items that we crave when feeling nostalgic, homesick or  even a smorgasbord for a good old-fashioned pity party. Perhaps I tend to focus on the Boomer generation and the precedent…

An Open Love Letter to My Beloved:

Hello Louisville, I have missed you !! How I love thee and thy food, thy people and thy memories I pass every day I am home: The corner of Story and Spring where some uninsured kid pinned me and me dog inside my cute little Honda CRX to the telephone pole on the Northwest corner; the Cathedral of the Assumption where my children were not baptized but where they received their other sacraments; Nancy’s Bagel Grounds where we’ve spent nearly every Sunday after Mass; my beloved Limestone Bay Yacht Club where I’ve spent many afternoons and evenings and even some mornings…

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Give A Day By Giving A Book

Mayor Fischer’s “Give A Day” Week of April 15 – 22 is coming up. Have you scheduled some time to give to someone else as volunteer? It’s hard, or it can be hard to fit it in. Some people I know are natural “givers” and are much better at volunteering their time than I. Here is just one of the inventive ways I have come across to give. Earlier this week, The Jefferson County Public Schools sent home a letter to past volunteers asking for support for the goal to send every elementary and middle school student home for the…

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Unplugging One Kid At A Time

Everybody is basketball crazed but this weather really makes me want to golf. There’s nothing like popping some allergy medicine and hitting the course to be in the great outdoors for a few hours. The opportunity to be outside and unplugged is really the enjoyment I get out of golf. It certainly isn’t my mediocre putting skills or the slice off the tee. Let me reiterate my love of being unplugged from technology while on the golf course.  I first started playing golf on a semi regular basis a couple of years ago. The best decision I ever made was…

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Crayons for Hope

Do you remember the best part of going back to school was getting that new box of crayons! I know school supplies are far from any of our minds except for the occasional replacement folder needed at this time of year. Imagine no crayons, scissors, backpacks, wide ruled paper to begin the process of learning again after such a tragedy as the recent tornadoes. The fabulous folks at 102.3 The Max and Panera Bread have teamed up to help the kids in Henryville get their school supplies back. This Friday morning at 6am The Lambert & Lindsey Show will kick…

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JCPS Stands Up to Over-Protective Parent

I was looking through the news trying to find something to get worked up over. I was bummed that the Ravens and 49ers lost yesterday, preventing a Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh Super Bowl and plenty of media stories about their time helping their Dad at Western. There’s the fact that Newt Gingrich might actually be president.  Then there was another embarrassing incident involving our own U.S. Senator, Rand Paul.  I’m no UK basher, but there’s the fact the the Wildcats will be named the new #1 in the country today, while U of L should be dropped from the Top 25….

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Look at ALL of the Snow

Well, another Louisville fiasco with letting schools out early because we MIGHT get just a sprinkling of snow.  When I was young (save the groans for another time) I remember walking to school almost up to my knees.  This isn’t a ‘pre-depression’ story of a country school.  I’m talking about in the 1960’s, and schools in Louisville.  For us to get a ‘snow day’ there had to be a LOT of snow on the ground.  Now, if the news just ‘mentions’ snow, everyone starts freaking out and wanting to send the kids home early or cancel altogether. I went for…