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Walking and Talking the Big Four and Media

April 6, 2014

The city’s collective news media, now fully distracted by basketball, seems content to look away from the violence brought by a mob of 200 that started at Waterfront Park March 22. No one, with the possible exception of WHAS Radio’s Terry Meiners, is asking the right people the difficult questions about unruly 11-year-olds roaming...
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Bracket Distractions — Arts and Business and Politics

March 16, 2014
El Toro's Stacy Griggs

It's always good to have some friends who don't pay attention to the same things you do -- it offers perspective. What's important to you (whether U of will be a #2 seed or #3 seed in the NCAA bracket) is like speaking a foreign language, I'm guessing, to someone like Les Waters,...
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Bowling is Fun. . . For Kids’ Parties

March 9, 2014

Here’s a post submitted to LouisvilleKY.com from our friends at BowlingShoes.com. Remember, Fun is Bowling! Great Kids Party ideas for Kids of All Ages Kids’ parties are supposed to be fun but unfortunately what’s fun for the children can turn into a nightmare for the parents. Summer birthday parties in the back yard are...
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Raving on Rusty #36: Shoni Schimmel, Dawn Yankeelov and an Update on Karen Faulkner

March 1, 2014
Shoni Schimmel

The Rusty Satellite Show is mostly a labor of love for me. I am grateful that Passport Health Plan sponsors the show, but my motivation is really tied to the fact that the show gives me an opportunity to meet and talk with some really cool local people
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Rick’s Top Five, and a Love Song on Rusty Satellite

February 15, 2014
love app

Valentine's Day was a big success around here, despite those end-of-world predictions by weather-foolers and the panic of school officials across the region, who either cancelled or dismissed classes early for yet another "storm that wasn't".
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Jackie’s a Write-In, and the Weekend Blogger’s Top Five

February 9, 2014
Rob Totten at the debate

In addition to the Rusty Satellite Show, I'm hoping to have the discipline to be a weekend blogger, sort of the like the old Fred Wiche Weekend Gardener, with my weekly Top Five stories.
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A Better-Than-Ever Kind of Year

December 26, 2013
Me and My Three Sons

I found out on Facebook that I had a pretty big year in 2013. I was reviewing the posts there, and in its social media wisdom the site lists the posts that got the most attention.
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Are Kids Playing Sports Having Fun Yet?

December 13, 2013

There are many wonderful things about youth sports. Parental involvement is often not one of them.
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Rolling with Rusty and Friends

November 22, 2013
Emily Gimmel, The Graceship

If you haven’t listened, here are links to the last two Rusty Satellite Shows. David Jones Jr. and Smith Haynie Mark Carter and Emily Gimmel
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David Jones Jr. Takes Breakfast Crowd to School

November 13, 2013
David Jones Jr. spoke at the Breakfast of Champions at the University Club

David Jones Jr. began his talk at the Breakfast of Champions event by harkening back to his first job -- as a schoolteacher in China. From there he proceeded to inform an audience of about 60 at the University Club about the crisis that is our education system and the urgent need for change.
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