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See the Saw and Celebs Dish It Out for Charity

One of the finest local charity events is the Celebrity Dinner Party benefitting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Friday was the 43rd annual, held at the Mellwood Arts Center. It is hosted by Denny and Susan Crum, who took up the ball some years ago after Pee Wee Reese was the chair for many, many years. The twist to the event is that local quasi-celebrities (like me) serve as waiters. Though we don’t have to actually serve the food, we do hustle drinks and beg for tips. Among the celebs pitching in for the cause: WHAS-TV’s Joe Arnold, Chuchill Downs’ John…

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Joe Biden Drops In On a Wacky News Cycle

Remember, Joe Biden’s in town, which means you might have to alter your path around the airport and U of L.  His talk, which you can watch streamed live, is at the Brown & Williamson Club at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium, at 11:30.  Later, the VEEP is doing a private chat with some U of L students with no cameras or recording devices allowed. If Biden takes a look at the news, he’ll be amused by some of the kooky ideas going around, like. . . Our Antiquated Alcohol Laws: In Hardin County, you can get a drink at certain…

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I believe the children are the future

Ever wondered who’s looking out for the little guy? No, not the figurative “little guy” – our children. Well, here’s your chance! Next week, on February 17, is the 7th Annual Children’s Advocacy Day. Whose job is it to make sure the next generation is given the right tools for a successful future  – access to education, health care, a stable family environment? Let me let you in a secret – not just the folks with kids. We all have a stake in this so I hope you will find some time to either join us at the Capitol Rotunda or…