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Next Breakfast of Champions Features Orchestra’s Teddy Abrams

February 28, 2015
Abrams will be a guest on the Rusty Satellite Show that debuts March 5.

Teddy Abrams is shaking things up in the Louisville Arts community – and far beyond. The dynamic Louisville Orchestra Music Director will share his insights and energy at the March 9 Breakfast of Champions. Teddy will discuss the evolution of music, seamlessly incorporating (you guessed it!) MUSIC into his entertaining talk. You will not want...
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Ben Folds Fab at Sold-out Kentucky Center

February 1, 2015

I was pretty sure that Ben Folds was going to put on a memorable show at the Kentucky Center with the Louisville Orchestra. Before last night’s show, I didn’t really know much about Folds. But I knew he had to be more than a mere pop star to get an invite to play with...
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Butchertown, Ben Sollee Are the Stars of Actors’ “At the Vanishing Point”

January 31, 2015
At the Vanishing Point
Actors Theatre of Louisville, 2015
Photo by Bill Brymer

At The Vanishing Point, currently playing at Actors Theatre, might not be so riveting if it took place in another city, or another neighborhood. But the way it uses Louisville’s Butchertown neighborhood as an omnipresent character in the lives of one family puts your mind squarely on Story Avenue. Or the Fischer’s meatpacking plant,...
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Naps, Thai Food and Dogs: An Interview with Xerxes’ Joseph Goode

October 28, 2014
collision blonde

by Jake Curtis Local Louisville hardcore outfit Xerxes has been a mainstay in the punk scene for about five years. Since its beginning, starting out as a five-piece, the band has changed drastically from its loud, raw brand of hardcore to a catchier, darker and noisier blend of punk and 80’s Goth rock.  The...
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Day 10: Terror in Canada; Jammin’ at Loui Loui’s

October 24, 2014
On stage at Loui Loui's

Day 10 LUKE: Today in U.S. History we talked about the incident in Canada where a soldier died from a gunman. The gunman then ran through the parliament! Crazy stuff, the article I read on it I remember a quote that was “Canada will not be intimidated” I thought this pretty cool since nothing...
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A Chat With Louisville’s The Foxery

October 14, 2014
The Foxery

LouisvilleKY.com welcomes Jake Curtis aboard as our newest contributor.    by Jake Curtis “This scene, as well as this city honestly, has many flaws, everything does, but we’re creative and accepting of weird, new things, and when it comes to art that’s the most important thing you need from an audience.”- Kyle Thompson, bass ...
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Murder the Devil, Larry Muhammad’s New Play, On Stage at Vault 1031

September 2, 2014

Former Rusty Satellite Show guest Larry Muhammad has a new play being performed this week. I’m going to try to go, you should to. Here are the details: Add to upcoming 9/11 observances this year a new Larry Muhammad play at Vault 1031 examining the prospect of homegrown terrorism and how it links to...
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Forecastle Delivers the Musical Goods Again

July 27, 2014
Insider the Bourbon Lodge at Forecastle with the Billy Goat Strut Review

As Forecastle seems to be hitting its stride, attracting popular artists like The Flaming Lips and Robert Plant, it’s become obvious that the Festival has shifted its focus away from the activism and is now more about the music.
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You Know About Forecastle, Right?

July 17, 2014
You Know About Forecastle, Right?

I don't want to embarrass anyone here, but I was talking to someone who's lived in Louisville for a long time yesterday about what's going on this weekend, and this person (who shall remain unnamed) asked me a surprising question when I mentioned that I would probably go see some of the Forecastle Festival. "What...
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No Accident Happening Here – Elvis Costello Wows the Palace

June 19, 2014
Elvis Costello during his one-man show

If you listen to this week Rusty Satellite Show podcast, you’ll hear all about the obnoxious guy sitting in front of me for the first half of Elvis Costello’s great one-man show at the Louisville Palace June 17. But I refused to let his behavior dominate my memory of the evening. In fact what...
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