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Rusty 324 is all about Bourbon..and Beyond, with Ben Sollee and the Bourbon Babe, Carla Carlton

It is a special Bourbon and Beyond episode of the Rusty Satellite Show, with both Ben Sollee and Carla Carlton playing a role in the giant event near the Fairgrounds. And with a sunny forecast, we’ll get to experience the full effect we missed last year due to torrential rains. Sollee was on the show in 2015, before he’d moved to Louisville and settled in to raise a family. Then, as a touring musician, he was intent of having an impact on the environment. As he explains on the show, Sollee has since taken on good causes as a personal…

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GLI Releases First Phases of Talent Research in Louisvilleky

(Louisville KY)- After several months of research by the contracted firm IQS Research and the University of Louisville, GLI pinpointed the types of open positions Greater Louisville must fill to grow its population and local economy.  In addition to job types, the research sets forth locations where people are most likely to originate from to relocate to Greater Louisville.  It also indicates the job sectors that are projected to experience rapid growth.   “This is the first time any group in our region has attempted to solve this issue.  It is vital that our strategies be rooted in solid, timely…