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DownTown Louisville to ban cars

Louisville Mayor plans to make downtown a “No-Traffic Zone” * After months of road closures and diversions coupled with the gradual introduction of no park zones, Mayor Fisher’s plans to prevent cars from being in the downtown area of Louisville is finally becoming a reality.* According to a source who wishes to remain anonymous “The road closures  are a well thought out plan to test the patience of Louisville car drivers.” With only a handful of “road rage” incidents reported the Mayor then appears to have proceeded to give MSD, LG&E and others the green light to add to the road…

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Louisville Uncovered presents: The Heigold House, mystery behind the facade on River Road

The Heigold House was built by immigrant stonemason Christopher Heigold, and stands at the intersection of River Road and Frankfort Avenue, watch the history around it on Louisville Uncovered !      “The Point” was a thriving 19th century neighborhood east of Downtown Louisville and opposite Towhead Island along the Ohio River. It was located north of the present day Butchertown area. Starting in the 1840s it was home to many upper income residents who had moved from New Orleans, giving the area the nickname “the Frenchmen’s Row”. They built many mansion houses in the area, the best known of which was…