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Louisville Basketball falls to Kentucky

The University of Louisville basketball team were outplayed by Kentucky yesterday – particularly up front, and U of L power forward Montrezl Harrell didn’t have his A-game. “They just outworked us, they outhustled us to every loose ball and they played like they wanted to win the game and we didn’t,” the sophomore Motrezl said in a somber locker room after the No. 6 Cardinals fell to the No. 18 Wildcats 73-66 on Saturday in Rupp Arena. The Cards (11-2) got good offensive production from their guards in hanging close to UK (10-3), but a lack of production from the…

Have a Rusty Little Christmas

It’s three days until Christmas, and I’ve only got a few more gifts to get. I found the perfect time for shopping this weekend. I showed up at Target on Saturday night. It wasn’t crowded at all. First, I figured the whole data breach scare would keep a lot of paranoid shoppers away from that store. Then I went during a tornado/thunderstorm warning, about 10 p.m. Those two factors combined to create a situation in which I had the place almost to myself. I left in time to pop into Dick’s Sporting Goods just before it closed at 11. Of…

Listen to Rusty – Don’t Buy Gift Cards, the Kingdom is Coming, and Singing in West Louisville

Listen in this week as Rusty Satellite is on the road meeting two more of the most interesting people in the ‘Ville — first stop is Ed Hart’s office in the Highlands, where we learn all about the new and improved Kentucky Kingdom that opens for business in the spring. Hart talks about the enormous economic impact the opening of the Park will have on the city, and goes over some of the hurdles it took to get here. There are a bunch of new rides, and the amusement park will be hosting a job fair in January. Later I met WHAS-TV’s Joe Arnold at 38th and Market, where he was doing a story on a new economic development initiative there. Joe’s the only beat reporter on politics working for a TV station in this market. I also got him to sing a line or two, so you’ll want to hear that. And in the spirit of Thanksgiving and Holiday Shopping, I offer up for your consideration my annual gift card rant, in which I encourage you to just go to the store and get me something I can open on Christmas Day.

More Interesting Guests for Rusty — John Nation and Steve Coomes

I was a little worried about taking a portrait of John Nation, who has only done a few thousand really professional shots of all sorts of famous people during three-plus decades as a professional photographer. Thankfully, he suggested the pose here outside the Louisville.am studios with his most recent project, 100 Fascinating Louisville Women.

The Great Halloween Debacle of 2013; Rusty’s in Old Louisville with Mike Berry and Larry Muhammad

The date of Halloween is Oct. 31. On that date, children dress up in costumes, knock on the doors of their neighbors, yell ‘Trick or Treat” and merrily collect bags of candy. Now when I was dressing up as a pirate in the South End, our biggest fear was that some sicko would insert a razor blade in an apple. When my kids were little, I walked around with the little Riddlers and SpongeBobs while my wife stayed home and passed out candy.