Komodo-Dragon label

LouisvilleKY says goodbye to its beloved Komodo Dragon

Louisville Zoo Says Goodbye to Komodo Dragon     Louisville, KY., – With sadness, the Louisville Zoo said goodbye to its 23-year-old male Komodo dragon yesterday. “Big Man” as he was affectionately called had been at the Louisville Zoo most of his life since arriving from the Cincinnati Zoo in March 1994. He came to the Zoo unsexed and named “Mariah” in honor of the Cincinnati Zoo herpetologist’s daughter. Shortly afterward, keepers determined the lizard was male and began referring to him as “Big Man.” In April 2016, keepers noticed the nearly 8 foot lizard had difficulty moving around in his…

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Warthogs come to LouisvilleKY

Louisville Zoo Welcomes Two Warthogs     Louisville, KY., – Meet Digger and Riggs — two new warthogs that are the newest additions to the Louisville Zoo. These two one-year-old males like to hang out near the edge of the warthog exhibit near guests and are already gaining fans although they’ve only been on exhibit a few days. Digger and Riggs were born at the Erie Zoo in Pennsylvania.   Unlike other pigs, you may see Digger and Riggs drop down on their wrists to eat and dig up roots with their powerful snouts. In general, warthogs weigh between 100…