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Pump n’ Pedal: Getting Two for the Price of One

By Barbara Day, M.S., R.D., C.N. I’ve been going to spinning classes for about 10 years. I have to admit, I am more of a lover of aerobic exercise rather than weight training. Yes, I do weight train but I need to force myself to do it. Yeah, yeah, I know I should know better as a health professional but…I am just telling you the truth. I just recently joined the YMCA after years of belonging to another fitness center. It was cheaper and 15 minutes closer to my home. I typically run and bike outdoors but in the winter…

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Jumpin’ Jack

My first memories of Jack LaLanne were from my parent’s small living room and black & white Phillips television set. I sat on the braided rug watching this man dressed in a tight-fitting jumpsuit, bulging with muscles and kicking way up in the air with his….soft slippers. He did so with the help of a big furry white dog named Happy and a rolling soundtrack of a Hammond organ. Jack LaLanne did not look like my dad, who was the model of all men, of course, and I’d stack my father’s manly pair of brown wingtips shoes against this smiling,…

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Jewish Anticipates More Clinical Trials, More Disease Management and More From Healthcare Reform

Wednesday, Jan. 19th, the  US House of Representatives voted 245-189 to repeal the health care reform legislation that was signed into law last year.  But, we all know, that it was symbolic, because health care changes are on the docket for all Americans and Louisville’s healthcare landscape is preparing. Take Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s HealthCare (JHSMH)—News reports have indicated that its merger, anticipated to be finalized this year, will create the state’s largest health system with 11 acute-care hospitals. The new system would have more than 3,000 physicians. Marty Bonick, the President/CEO of the Jewish Hospital Medical Campus and…

Picturing Health

The sooner you get your DITI, the sooner you will be able to see where your body is experiencing a challenge maintaining health. The readily available, non-invasive and safe diagnostic experience provides the opportunity to focus on your “health” care instead of “illness” care.

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Passport: Slow Progress, but Progress

The link below takes you to a letter from the interim CEO of Passport Health Care, Mark Carter, to the state auditor, outlining the steps he’s taken to get the troubled agency back on track after a scathing audit last fall. Carter, I know, is doing his best. The job, however, is monumental. There have been personnel changes — at least the two VPs with the caviar tastes, who took resort vacations, spent lavishly on meals and ordered limos on company expense, were finally fired. They got rid of chairman and CEO Larry Cook. No longer is money being wasted…