Picturing Health

The sooner you get your DITI, the sooner you will be able to see where your body is experiencing a challenge maintaining health. The readily available, non-invasive and safe diagnostic experience provides the opportunity to focus on your “health” care instead of “illness” care.

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Passport: Slow Progress, but Progress

The link below takes you to a letter from the interim CEO of Passport Health Care, Mark Carter, to the state auditor, outlining the steps he’s taken to get the troubled agency back on track after a scathing audit last fall. Carter, I know, is doing his best. The job, however, is monumental. There have been personnel changes — at least the two VPs with the caviar tastes, who took resort vacations, spent lavishly on meals and ordered limos on company expense, were finally fired. They got rid of chairman and CEO Larry Cook. No longer is money being wasted…