March Serenity Events in La Grange

March Serenity in downtown La Grange is a month of events to nourish and educate. I have been enjoying the hospitality of this small charming town for the past two Saturdays and will be there again tomorrow. Come join me! Back to Nature is the March 19th theme featuring gardening supplies, green lifestyles, healers, home-made foods, crafters, gardeners, free range chickens and eggs from local farmers. Demonstrations and talks include slow cooking, gardening and environmental films. Speakers CC = Community Center & HC = History Center 10am – How to Find and Explore Your Best Personal Strengths, Chelley Rouda, CC…

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Healthcare Providers & Healthcare Companies Take Major Reimbursement Cuts in Medicaid

By Barbara Day, M.S., R.D., C.N. Below are the NEW reimbursement rates set for Medicaid patients across Kentucky. The rates are already extremely low, but many health care businesses and physicians across the state will be forced to take an additional 35% reduction for their reimbursements.  In some cases, health care providers may decide to no longer see Medicaid patients due to the low reimbursement rates because they cannot afford the extra dollar burden on their practices, they may restrict the number of Medicaid patients they care for, or they may have to simply lay off workers to cope with…

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TARC Driver Gets Up Early to Pedal His Way to Downtown Louisville

Hugh is a TARC driver. His work day starts at 5:45. He likes the bike-on-board racks on the front of all the TARC coaches as much as I do. “I use them in the evening because I’m not much of an evening-traffic rider. I ride in the morning for the exercise and to save gas. And when I get off in the evening I usually put my bike on the TARC and TARC back home.”

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Our Man in Japan

It so happens that Albrecht Stahmer, a UK grad who has been working with J. Bruce Miller on drumming up excitement about bringing the NBA to Louisville, lives in Tokyo. And many of his associates here are concerned about him. And they want to be sure he makes it to the YPAL event March 31 — “Why Not Louisville — The NBA and Louisville” at Patrick O’Shea’s downtown March 31. I’m hoping Albrecht doesn’t mind, but I thought it would be good to share his report on the current situation over there with you. I like the way he inserts…

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Biking All the Buzz in D.C.

In case you’re just tuning in, I’m posting this from Washington, D.C. I got here by bike in an all-day rain on Saturday — 130 miles from Louisville to Cincinnati — and by Amtrak. The train ride took 20 hours. A shoot-out on the railroad tracks caused a five hour delay when police turned the tracks into a real live CSI. Special thanks to my RAGBRAI pal Steve Edwards for transporting me and my bike to his Potomac Falls home, where he and Sharon treat me like a king. I’ll be using the Metro Orange Line and commuting to Metro…

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Beshear’s Hand Forced-Calls Special Session

 Well, despite all his detractors, (including me), Governor Steve Beshear seems to finally have developed a backbone when it comes to Senate President David Williams. On Wednesday, Williams gaveled the Senate to order, which forced Behsear to call a special session in order to deal with the shortfall in Kentucky’s Medicaid budget.  The reason is that Wednesday made it 30 days for the session, which is the limit for a short  year. The House had opted to wait until next week for the final day in order to negotiate a Medicaid agreement. Williams decided that plan would give the House, and…

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Riding to the National Bike Summit

On Saturday morning I’m heading out on the back roads by bike for the first 130 miles of my journey to the National Bike Summit. At Union Station I’ll load my bike on the Amtrak Cardinal to D.C. Follow my trip here on “The Pulse of the City.” Also check my posts on facebook and twitter. On Thursday, I’ll be joining bicycling advocates from across the nation on Capitol Hill to remind our leaders in the House and Senate that there’s a simple solution to many of the problems that rob Americans of their health, wealth and strength. A…