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TGIF Local Lunch Post – Keeping Louisville Weird…and Cool In the Heat

No matter how high the temps, Louisville remains cool and the revenge can be sweet. Thanks to our hard-working indie merchants for creating such a wide array of drinks and desserts! Here are some fresh ideas to-go or for dining in: , Graeter’s, Sweet Surrender, Comfy Cow,  Dairy Dell, Java Brewing Co., Dairy Kastle,  Heine Bros., Lula’s Frozen Yogurt and Treats. Find out how  to catch a Grasshopper Pie and more cool concoctions in your neighborhood at Homemade Ice Cream & PIe Kitchen. Stay as cool as you are for supporting local, independent business! Send in your suggestions for places to beat the…

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TGIF Local Lunch Post – Gone Fishing!

Summer is the time for re-runs. If you missed this post from Dec. 2011,  then it’s new to you! Feel free to suggest your favorite place to catch some fish for lunch. With Lent and warm picnic weather far behind us, there is still the call and craving for fish on Friday. In a bowl, on a platter, between bread or chopsticks, the humble fish gives its all in the name of nourishment and taste. A few suggestions for the best lunchtime catches are captured in the following menu items: Napa River Grill – Venture to northern California and the Pacific…

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TGIF Local Lunch Post – APRON Inc. Louisville Wears it Well!

Known as a garment that protects or decorates, the apron is the simplest and most fitting title for an organization that keeps watch over the countless number of  employees in our local dining establishments. If you see someone in an apron today – bringing your food, on the line, ringing up your tab, pouring a beverage, clearing your table –  offer a word of thanks. The art and action of kindness is alive and well in Louisville. Creative ways to enhance lives and organize funds are the focus of today’s post. In 2011, APRON Inc. was founded by a group…

Reaction to Mayor’s Budget — Council Not Unanimous in Support

Here are reactions to the Mayor’s Budget Proposal — especially in the Southwest, Fischer gets praise for funding the Library, but Republicans including Jerry Miller and Ken Fleming were disappointed with the end result. There’s no doubt that this budget is an improvement, with no mention of cuts, layoffs or furloughs. “The Mayor’s proposal is a very workable approach to providing the services of government such as public safety, sanitation, economic development and maintaining and improving infrastructure. It is encouraging to know that the improving economy is slowly helping us restore services that had to be cut in tougher times….

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TGIF Local Lunch Post -Churchill to Catfish, Pizza to Guacamole and a Tour of District 15.

With so much history lining the streets of Louisville’s south end neighborhoods, it’s only fitting that local, independent business would be as natural as the trees, parks, and welcoming  community spirit. From the hustle and bustle of Churchill Downs to the misty quiet of Iroquois Park, there is as much tradition as there is diversity in this part of the Metro. If you’re going to take advantage of this week’s postcard-perfect spring weather and enjoy a picnic in the park, you’ll want to stock up on food and supplies at Iroquois Manor Value Market at 5301 Mitscher Avenue just off…

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Bare Heart Buddy: A New Business That Helps Those Grieving or in Separation

When we are hurting, children and adults want to hug and hold.  When someone dies, it is not surprising that all of us may find a favorite stuffed animal to snuggle close that somehow reminds of what seems fleeting—that love is endless and timeless.  This is the message that Bare Hearts, a new business created by Louisvillian and Certified Child Life Specialist (CCLS) Molly Eiche, has established in its line of teddy bears that are filled with keepsakes for people to cope with trauma and grief.  The company is now expanding to working with hospitals and other healthcare circles that…

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TGIF Local Lunch Post – Start the Weekend with a Meal Like Mama Used to Make

As we move into the Mother’s Day weekend, we focus on the table of our youth. The tireless work of nourishing their children has provided us with memories our moms from a PBJ in the lunchbox to fried chicken and biscuits after church. This Friday’s lunch suggestions appeals to the comfort food lover in all of us – meals that were favorites when we lived at  home have become  menu items that we crave when feeling nostalgic, homesick or  even a smorgasbord for a good old-fashioned pity party. Perhaps I tend to focus on the Boomer generation and the precedent…

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TGIF Local Lunch Post – Mayor Fischer Steps Up to the Plate for Oaks Friday

Greetings to all who are visiting Louisville this week  and  kudos to the locals who have been able to keep up with all the traditional Derby chaos that closes April and opens May each year. The  138th  Kentucky Oaks will have a field of fillies running for the lilies as well as a tip of the pink hat to survivors of breast cancer. This venerable event was first won by a three-year-old Thoroughbred named Vinaigrette on May 19, 1875.  An appropriate historical fact that lends itself to food, don’t you think? If you’re not dining at the Downs for  your midday…

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TGIF Local Lunch Post – On Track with Tradition at Wagner’s

Just a horseshoe’s toss from track is the pharmacy and fountain that’s as humble as it is famous to Kentucky Derby visitors and racing insiders. Since 1922, Wagner’s Pharmacy has provided a hub for commerce and conversation from the booths and along the counter. Horsemen striding in for cigarettes and coffee, needing a hot breakfast at dawn or an energizing soup and sandwich for lunch, would find a down-home comfort from L

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TGIF Local Lunch Post – Fire Works! Pizza, Pork, Crust and a Conversation with “Joe Pastry.”

  Smoke on the water, fire in the sky. Deep Purple comes to mind as I watch all the preparations for Thunder Over Louisville.  However,  for now,  let’s turn all the heat back to the kitchen. The delicious results of a roaring  fire oven or the easy-going commercial smoker can be enjoyed at Coals Artisan Pizza and Frankfort Avenue Beer Depot. The lunch menu at Coals St. Matthews location in the Vogue Center is a virtual taste tour through Louisville.  Pizzas named Cherokee,  Seneca, Waverly, Audubon and a few more zip codes. To honor my hood,  I’ll go with The…