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March Serenity Events in La Grange

March Serenity in downtown La Grange is a month of events to nourish and educate. I have been enjoying the hospitality of this small charming…

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TARC Driver Gets Up Early to Pedal His Way to Downtown Louisville

Hugh is a TARC driver. His work day starts at 5:45. He likes the bike-on-board racks on the front of all the TARC coaches as much as I do. “I use them in the evening because I’m not much of an evening-traffic rider. I ride in the morning for the exercise and to save gas. And when I get off in the evening I usually put my bike on the TARC and TARC back home.”

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Day 547 of My Car-Free Experiment – Meet Leah Lamdin, All-Weather Cyclist

“I don’t mind the weather. You just have to dress for it. So when it’s raining I put on my rain pants and my rain jacket and I go for it.” she said. Her electric smile betrayed the fact that it had been raining off-and-on all day. She protected the saddle of her bike with a plastic bag.

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Our Man in Japan

It so happens that Albrecht Stahmer, a UK grad who has been working with J. Bruce Miller on drumming up excitement about bringing the NBA…

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Bike Ride Honors U.S. Rep. Giffords

The National Bike Summit in Washington, D.C. ends March 11, 2011 with a bicycle tour of the nation’s capital honoring those killed and injured in the Tuscon shooting. three Louisville cycling advocates attended the Summit “acting on a simple solution.”

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Biking All the Buzz in D.C.

In case you’re just tuning in, I’m posting this from Washington, D.C. I got here by bike in an all-day rain on Saturday — 130…

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Beshear’s Hand Forced-Calls Special Session

 Well, despite all his detractors, (including me), Governor Steve Beshear seems to finally have developed a backbone when it comes to Senate President David Williams….