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Mayor Greg Fischer: 79 Days and Counting

  By Barbara Day, M.S., R.D., C.N. Full disclosure, I did not vote for Louisville Metro Mayor Greg Fischer.  I am conservative.  My voting record…

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Meet Another ‘Invisible Bicyclist’ – Alan Sweeny II – car-free and loving it

Alan couldn’t have picked a harder time to go car-free. He admits the past winter’s weather was a big challenge, but he has made a game of it. “It’s really not that bad. In fact, it’s rewarding. Every time I get to work it’s a fun to look back at what I went through to get there,” he said. Overcoming the elements gives him a sense of victory.

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Alby in Tokyo: Trying to be Normal

I shared a note from Albrecht Stahmer a while back. He’s the Louisville native now living in Tokyo, who also happens to be involved in…

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Heart Centered Event!

In this town we host many leading edge events like the IdeaFest and Festival of Faiths. We are also blessed to have  the Festival of…

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Energy of ALLOWING

Recently I was sent a link to an Awakening with the Masters teleconference call with Jo Dunning. Her powerful story inspired me to ask a…

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Sustaining the Message with Green

Everybody in town, it seems, is ready to talk about sustainability. The question is whether anyone is going to do anything. Yesterday, Greg Fischer appointed…