Finally, Some Comedy in the Kevin Ware Saga

They’ve got some great writers at the Letterman show. You may have heard enough of the heart-wrenching Kevin Ware story, but this bit on Letterman is hilarious. Ware shows he’s got some comedy chops. The bit was written as the Top 10 thoughts going through Kevin Ware’s mind as he was writing in pain:

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Local Holistic Health Group Renewed

Join me in my interview with Tish Moscow, wife of the well respected late Dr Peter Moscow who helped bring revolutionary and life-changing healing alternatives to the Ohio Valley. She has been instrumental in re-establishing the Louisville Holistic Heath (Meetup) Group. The third meeting is scheduled for Thursday March 21. Everyone is invited. Tish, please tell me about your vision for Louisville Holistic Health Group This is a forum for practitioners and others to learn what is available in the Louisville area in terms of alternative medicine, complementary care, holistic health. It is a place where practitioners can present their ideas,…

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Louisville temperature set to drop to 14 degrees

Powerful storms rolled through Louisville early Wednesday, waking myself, my family and most of the city with the sound of sirens. At one point, Louisville was under a tornado warning for about 30 minutes that expired at 4:55 a.m. One of the worst places to have been hit was Elizabeth, Indiana, where powerful winds heavily damaged several buildings, including a barn on a farm that’s been owned by the same family for 200 years. As far as I can tell no one was injured. But the new story is going to be the temperature: Tonight the weather is set to drop…

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“Take It From Tara!” – A Personal Dream Come True

How many of us wake up every day and can’t wait to jump out of bed and start our day earning a living and making a difference, not only in our own lives but  hopefully in the lives of others? I, for one, do NOW. I finally “got it”…I just had to follow my father’s excellent advice to find something I loved to do and figure out how to earn a living doing it! Years in the Louisville media working for various corporate entities made me aware of the challenges of starting a show of my own. Thanks to Crescent…

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TGIF Local Lunch Post – Feedback is Delicious! Vote for Vittles!

For almost two years, I’ve enjoyed throwing together some food for thought as it pertains to grabbing lunch on Friday.  Ideally, readers will take and share suggestions for the midday meal and continue to support local independent restaurants, groceries, growers, and events throughout the week. This column grew from a Facebook post in early 2011, starting as a friendly suggestion for lunch before heading into the weekend. A year later it moved to Rick Redding’s, giving  TGIF Local Lunch Post a new home and  a nice boost, hopefully attracting  new readers very week. For past columns, check out this…

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TGIF Local Lunch Post – Pump(kin) It Up for Harvest Dining

When it comes to the three D’s of the autumnal table – dining, desserts, and drinks – the venerable harvest squash – the simple, glorious, healthy pumpkin -takes center stage. I think all pumpkins are great, Charlie Brown, and if I can get my fair share in coffee, beer, pasta, pies, and ice cream, life is good! Here are a few suggestions to give your appetite a head start for lunch over the weekend and in many cases, through Thanksgiving. Feel free to submit your favorite dining establishment or market and its contribution to the spirit of the season where…

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TGIF Local Lunch Post – Madonna Flood Knows It’s OK in Okolona to Support Local Indie Dining

Head ten miles south of downtown Louisville to the Preston, Outer Loop convergence that is known as Okolona. You’ll find community spirit in the generations of residents as well as a few favorite dining establishments of District 24’s Metro Councilwoman Madonna Flood. A bit of history on the southern loop of the city was located on Wikipedia. i always wondered where the name of the city came from. It was first settled by farmers from Pennsylvania and Virginia in the late 18th century. It was called Lone Oak in the late 19th century. However, a town near Paducah, Kentucky already claimed…

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Keeping Halloween spooky even if your kids think they are too old.

As of Wednesday, she’s 13, a milestone which, according to my daughter means she’s officially “too old” to dress up and trick or treat at the Louisville Zoo’s Not-So Scary Halloween.  So instead, I scared the heck out of her beneath the Zoo, with a trip to the Mega Zip, in the deep dark belly of the Mega Cavern. Adventurous types know that zip lines deliver an adrenaline rush as well as a bird’s-eye perspective on beautiful surroundings.  The view from the Mega Zip turns that experience upside down.    It’s the World’s first underground zip line. So, instead of tickling…

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TGIF Local Lunch Post – Get Your Fleur de Lis On at La Coop for “Dejeuner.”

Welcome to the latest whim here at TGIF  – “Pitchin’ from the Kitchen.” Whenever the opportunity presents itself or the mood strikes, I’ll pull someone from the crew over for his or her lunch suggestions. Today, prep supervisor Jeremy Ferry step up to the plate for La Coop. -Bistro a Vins. Louisville’s history with France is often traced to the dining table. And yes, the history and the food are rich. A tip of the beret, if you will, to owners Steven and Michael Ton, the creative culinary siblings who brought us Doc Crow’s Southern Smokehouse & Raw Bar as…