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This Bike Takes The Cake!

On Day 489 of my Car-Free Experiment I got up early and checked the outside temperature. It was in the low 20s so I thought about taking the bus to church. Nah! I went out to the garage instead and rolled out my Pashley Roadster. Why own such a noble machine without taking it out for a Sunday drive, right? On Sundays I meet with a group of friends at Christ Church United Methodist Church. It’s about 4.5 miles from my home in Crescent Hill – maybe a 20 minute bike trip. Not a big deal. In my small group…

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Dood, where’s Louisville’s bike station?

Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come, said Victor Hugo. Nothing, maybe, except inertia. When former Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson saw Chicago’s bike station at Millennium Park, a few years back, he decided Louisville should have something like it. He was absolutely correct. There are lots of great reasons every city should have facilities for cyclists who want to commute to work. I don’t have space here to begin listing all those advantages. They’re thoroughly documented around the world. Yet the Louisville bike station plan seems to have stalled. Most recently our proposed  station is pitched…

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Learning to Walk Again

Why, as soon as you get your motor vehicle operators license, do your legs become alternative transportation? It may be time to learn to walk again.