Pet Lovers Festival

A can’t miss for pet lovers. The Zenergy “Festival of Wellness for Pets and People” is an event that is a tribute to the love and energy that people put into their pets and the love and energy that pets give back to their people. This festival focuses on introducing you to services that balance, heal, support and integrate pets and humans on all levels. Benefits of Care for Pet and Pet Parent The purpose of the festival is to help you in creating a balanced lifestyle for you and your pet! There is an energy share between person and…

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Things that make you go, hmmm?

I may be new to the area, but I have recently made a disturbing observation. Is it common place in Louisville to use running police cars for flasher barricades? For the last two weeks, I’ve noticed running police cars at the corners of Eastern Parkway and Preston Highway. The cars were positioned in such a way as to block the utility work taking place at the intersection.  Once I noticed this and other areas of town in which this form of barricade was being used, I started to think about all of the ways this situation is a waste. I can only imagine what type of…

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UofL Scores: Sterling @ Sustainability

UofL is among only a handful of schools to receive a STARS Silver designation, the association’s third-highest rating. Only one, the University of Colorado-Boulder, has placed higher with a STARS Gold. No school has yet earned the highest STARS designation, a Platinum.

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Start Your Engines, Louisville!

When I visit other cities I’m amazed at how some of them invest in their transit systems and other facilities to make getting around easier. Minneapolis is one that comes to mind. They have a solid bus and light rail system that will take you anywhere. You can even roll your bike onto the light rail cars.

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Jumping on the Louisville-Frankfort Train Idea

If you bring up the future of transportation around here, most people focus on the silly Ohio River Bridges project. Wanna-be visionaries will tell you that light rail is a must-do for the city. But no one in recent times has talked about train travel within the state. Until now. A story in the Frankfort paper details plans for a $75 million project that would make it possible to ride a train from here to Frankfort and Lexington for $6 or less.  Ralph Tharp is Frankfort’s “industrial recruiter” and believes the project, using existing rail lines, could be completed by…

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Super Future Starts Here

Snow, Snow, Snow:  I’ve been watching TV news lately, and got the idea that we may get a few inches of snow soon. But a mild storm 48 hours away doesn’t always have to be the lead story, does it? Be Nice: I’m going to try and be nice and help promote tonight’s cool panel discussion sponsored by the Society of Professional Journalists. It’s called The Future of Journalism. The five panel members are all certainly qualified to talk about the topic — Sarah Kelly of LEO, Shea Van Hoy of the Jeffersonville Evening News, Kathy Hostetter of WAVE-TV, Gabe…

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Fisher Touts His Green Cred

Mayor Greg Fischer touted his efforts at making Louisville greener today with a press conference at the Newburg Library, where he talked about the heating and cooling, lighting and carpeting that were part of the building process. Of course he had nothing to do with it, but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and give him credit for making green building ideas public.  He also mentioned some interesting stuff going on at the Metro Development Center on Fifth Street, taking the opportunity to use the word photovoltaics in an actual sentence. The Mayor even mentions his plan to…

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The Entrepreneur of Soap

Jim Gregory isn’t your average newly-minted college graduate.  Or your average entrepreneur. For one thing, his business card is a bar of soap, and he is quick to tell you he expects to become the first to successfully market soap to a worldwide audience on the Internet. Gregory started making soap in his dorm room at Hanover College in Indiana and in three years has built a business that did $10,000 in soap sales, one bar at a time, in 2010. And Grandma Gee’s Handmade soap, named for the 23-year-old’s great grandmother, is an exciting product, if you listen to…

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This Bike Takes The Cake!

On Day 489 of my Car-Free Experiment I got up early and checked the outside temperature. It was in the low 20s so I thought about taking the bus to church. Nah! I went out to the garage instead and rolled out my Pashley Roadster. Why own such a noble machine without taking it out for a Sunday drive, right? On Sundays I meet with a group of friends at Christ Church United Methodist Church. It’s about 4.5 miles from my home in Crescent Hill – maybe a 20 minute bike trip. Not a big deal. In my small group…

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Dood, where’s Louisville’s bike station?

Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come, said Victor Hugo. Nothing, maybe, except inertia. When former Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson saw Chicago’s bike station at Millennium Park, a few years back, he decided Louisville should have something like it. He was absolutely correct. There are lots of great reasons every city should have facilities for cyclists who want to commute to work. I don’t have space here to begin listing all those advantages. They’re thoroughly documented around the world. Yet the Louisville bike station plan seems to have stalled. Most recently our proposed  station is pitched…