addax calf - KS

Addax Calf born at LouisvilleKY zoo

  Louisville, Ky., – In the early hours of June 14, a male Saharan addax calf was born to Roxanne (mother) and Hodge (father).  This is a significant birth and the first addax born at the Zoo since 2013.   The International Union for Conservation of Nature cites the Saharan addax as facing imminent extinction. A survey in March 2016 across key addax habitat identified just three remaining individuals reports experts from the IUCN.   The addax range is in Africa in isolated pockets within the Sahara desert. Their habitats are waterless areas, especially dunes. They live in small groups…

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CGGG May 23

LouisvilleKY’s City Girl Gone Gardening 2016: Let’s try this again, I guess

Louisville, Ky., – Don’t get me wrong, I do love growing my own food, getting my hands dirty and seeing the results (be they shabby or spectacular) on my dining room table throughout the summer. But, damn, year after year of Seattle-type rains every spring that delays or hinders, the joys of gardening do get a little old. That’s one of the reasons why this is the first post of the 2016 City Girl Gone Gardening post.  Looking back to 2015, I was deep into my daily gardening work.  Yeah, that hasn’t been happening this year. But I have been doing some…