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Trader Joe’s… another reason to Love Louisville?

I’ll admit I’ve never been to a Trader Joes but I’ve heard plenty about them! In fact a roar of approval went up around my office today when we read that they might be considering Louisville as an expansion city. The two operative words here “read” and “might”. Now follow this…. The Courier Journal’s Chris Otts’ quoted a Business first story by John Karman that “Several sources, who asked not to be identified, have told Business First that the Monrovia, Calif.-based chain — one of the hottest retailers in the country — plans to bring a store to Shelbyville Road…

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Can Valley Station Get Its Cracker Barrel?

A lot of people out in Valley Station and the Southwest have a chip in their shoulder. Many think Metro Government snubs its nose at them when it comes to bringing projects there (unless it’s a demonized ammunition shelter). Some complain that national businesses, especially franchised restaurants, overlook them. And I’ve heard the demographics — that statistics show that the older, traditional people in the South generally eat out less, don’t use credit cards, and those numbers discourage restaurant chains from locating on Dixie Highway. But another part of the problem is resistance to change.  Seven years ago, developer Chris…