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Food Truck Movement Gets a Little Mo’

At the Food Truckus Ruckus Saturday, Steve Paradis of Fresh Start Growers Supply explained to us how he sees food trucks as a positive, fun way to get good, prepared food to events and places that good grub might not otherwise be available. I also talked with Tom Edwards, one of the owners of the new Mozza Pi pizza business, which operates a food truck and plans to open a brick-and-mortar pizza operation in the Highlands this fall. Several hundred people turned out at Fresh Start’s parking lot Saturday to sample food truck offerings and listen to music. Legislation is…

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My Father’s Day News Break

You’re right, I’ve been slacking a bit. No excuses. And there’s a pile of stuff to write about, including some video coming to the site very soon about Saturday’s successful Food Truckus Ruckus down at Fresh Start Growers Supply. Hundreds of people showed up, smiling and laughing, for a parking lot party with entertainment from Leigh Ann Yost. The lines for food stretched dozens deep at every offering, from the vegan dishes at Morel’s to cheese sandwiches at Lil Cheezers to my favorite, Mozza Pi pizza. Later we went to the Fleur de Lis art show out at Chubby Ray’s…

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The Ruckus about Food Trucks

When Steve Paradis, the owner of Fresh Start Growers Supply downtown, went to Portland, Ore., he went to a food truck lot where about eight food trucks were doing a great business, serving up ready-to-eat gourmet dishes.  A big advocate of healthy food, Paradis brought the idea back with him to Louisville. And Saturday, at his store at Baxter and Jefferson downtown, he’ll host a parking lot party featuring at least four food trucks and the music of local favorite Leigh Ann Yost. It’s from 11 – 3. “What’s easier than driving a truck into a food desert and serving…

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A Desperate Green, Decision for JCPS and Winston’s Women

Two big stories, plus crime, are dominating the news during this respite from weather-related crises — Judy Green and the JCPS superintendent search. This is What Desperation Looks Like: Judy Green “believes racism is involved and that she’s being targeted” after five Metro Council members began the process of removing her. A grand total of 20 people showed up to support her at a rally yesterday. Green says she’s going to fight it and is “disappointed” that her colleagues voted to do this to her. The gutsy Council members were Kevin Kramer, Tina Ward-Pugh, Barbara Shanklin, Madonna Flood and Stuart…

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It’s not the heat, it’s the…nah, it’s the heat.

I knew that it was too hot when I saw a fuzzy white cottonwood seed float by then wither and drop at my feet. I had inhaled one of the little devils earlier in the week and it sent me in a mad, hacking dash to the nearest water fountain—but not this past weekend. Even the cotton candy of airborne allergens was rendered to ash in the broiling record temps of late May. You know…May! That sweet month of baby birds singing in the nest, showers popping the blossoms and folks seemingly running in slow motion through field and dell?…

Kentucky Reggae Festival Competes Amongst a Jam-packed Weekend

When one thinks Kentucky, and one thinks Memorial Day weekend, it’s not unfair to say that reggae music might be one of the last things to come to mind. That is unless you can already count yourself amongst the thousands of Kentucky Reggae Festival initiates devoted to this seemingly improbable event, which over the past nineteen years has grown from a modest Louisville Water Tower romp to the largest festival of its kind in the region.

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da Duff was in da ‘Ville For All da Duffers !!

Yesterday, Duff Goldman, of Ace of Cakes fame, was in the KitchenAid Fairway Club doing a demonstration at the Senior PGA Championship at Valhalla.  He fixed a little crack with Finlandia Vodka in a cake that was made in the likeness the Alfred S. Bourne Championship Trophy.  Evidently a crack presented itself after the trip to Louisville from Baltimore’s Charm City Cakes. Duff’s a lot of fun; he’s witty and he seems to kinda like the ‘ville after playing the Lebowski Fest a fear years back with his band.  He made a cake for Lebowski Fest, too, and it was…

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Let’s Party Reggae Style, Mon. Win Tickets!

It’s a great weekend to be in Louisville, especially if you like music. And one of the places to be is the Water Tower, where Reggae bands will be playing Saturday, Sunday and Monday. And thanks to your friends here at, you can get in free. Just respond to this post in the comments, and I’ll pick a winner late Friday. Use your real email address so I can contact you about your tickets. The Kentucky Reggae Festival is in its 21st year, brought to you by the Bisig Impact Group. There’s the great music, but also great ethnic…

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Ride a bike. Take TARC. Walk. Drive a car if you must. But don’t miss it!

The latest American Fitness Index is out and Louisville is near the bottom again. As some people are quick to point out, there’s no single solution to our health problems. But I know of one simple solution that can bring us health and wealth. The Dutch discovered it more than half a century ago. See what a difference it can make in your everyday life. Ride a bike, walk and use transit systems as often as you can. Here’s a good place to start. Grace. Peace. Bicycle grease. PS: Remember, every lane is a bike lane. Share the road. Pedalaround…