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Local Turkeys for Local People

Local food distribution company, Grasshoppers, is excited to announce, with the help of their generous customers, they are donating over 70 FRESH LOCAL TURKEYS to needy families and local charities in celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday. FRESH Turkeys are being provided by Schacht Farm in Monroe Co., IN. The birds were raised by Matt & Mandy Corry and have spent their time foraging free on the range. These broad-breasted bronze turkeys are full of flavor, drug-free and were processed on Friday, November 18th and will be given to each charity on Monday, November 21st and Tuesday, November 22nd. Customers have been calling…

Actors Theatre’s ‘A Christmas Story’: “bundled-up” with sincerity and hilarity

Young Ralphie Parker’s hapless, hilarious Christmas-quest for a ‘Red Ryder BB Gun’ has returned to Actors Theatre of Louisville and the charm is as effortless as ever. From the highly formalized etiquette of the “triple-dog-dare” to the notorious ‘F-bomb’ heard-round-the-midwest, ‘A Christmas Story’ continues to validate its modern-day-classic status as calamity and compassion combine amidst the pitfalls, fleeting triumph and exasperated disbelief of childhood and adulthood alike.

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Bob Seger Still Knocks It Out Of The Park

At first glance you’d never know Bob Seger is 67 years old. The man has more energy and resilience than people half his age. It’s only after you listen to him sing a few minutes that you realize he IS 67, but might be singing better than ever. The man from Michigan filled the YUM! Center Thursday night with over 18,000 fans, who came to hear the classics. Seger did have a cold and apologized for it, but managed to keep the crowd jumping. The set began with a few problems. Seger was saddled with a lousy sound mix for…

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I Know You Didn’t Vote for Me, But How Am I Doing?

By Barbara Day, M.S., R.D., C.N. “I know you didn’t vote for me, but how am I doing” is a running joke between Mayor Fischer and me. However, I can honestly say that Mayor Fischer’s approach to managing government is slowly winning me over. Mayor Fischer Running Louisville Like a REAL Business! Holy Cow! I get the impression that Mayor Fischer, a businessman, is actually running the metro government as a business. How refreshing! He pointed out today as he was grilled by Tom Monahan, publisher of Business First, at today’s What’s Brewing Breakfast Series, that he is an experienced…

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Don’t waste your money seeing Bunraku!

I don’t usually spend time reviewing movies. I’m making an exception because I need to warn you about the biggest waste of time an money on a movie called Bunrake. Let’s face it, there’s not much at the box office these days and my wife Norine and I were looking for a little entertainment on a Saturday night. So we rented several films today and the results were less than spectular. Bunraku has some pretty good names in it: Josh Hartnett, Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson. It’s The story of a young man who spent his life searching for revenge…

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An Easy Date to Remember Edition

Whatever you think the significance of 11-11-11, enjoy it. I looked it up, and found that nothing really unusual goes on just because of the numerically odd numbers associated with the date.  However, 3,500 couples have obtained wedding licenses for the date in Vegas. These are people who have a hard time remembering anniversaries. There are plenty of great Veterans Day events going on, including a parade downtown. Yesterday, some local meteorologists were openly cheering the prospect of snow (Jude), even working hard to find adn get video of three flakes that fell up in Indiana. But the weather around…

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Possibility to Reality – Wendy Whelan’s Triumphant Career to be Chronicled on KET

  You never know who you’re going to run into at Nancy’s Bagel Grounds in Crescent Hill, but the array of celebrities on a recent Sunday morning was enough to alert the media! International ballet sensation Wendy Whelan was in town for a whirlwind tour of her childhood haunts, filmed by the Kentucky Educational Television Network. The New York City Ballet’s principal dancer was accompanied by her famous mom, Louisville’s own Kay Whelan, first dance teacher, Virginia Wooton Weber, and Weber’s husband, noted musical theatre actor William Weber. “Isn’t it amazing how life comes full circle,” said Kay, her daughter’s…

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Freedom is NOT FREE: Up front and Personal with Wounded Warrior Staff Sergeant Lani Abalama

By Barbara Day, M.S., R.D., M.S. Many Americans have lost their lives and have been wounded protecting our freedoms. I had the opportunity to sit next to wounded warrior, Staff Sergeant Lani Abalama who is currently stationed at Fort Knox at the 2011 Vets ‘n Vettes. Staff Sgt. Abalama agreed to let me interview him while we were at lunch. I jokingly accused Staff Sgt. Abalama of being very confused when he told me he had first served in the Marines for 7 ½ years and then transferred to the Army. He can officially retire from the military in 7…

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Vote Because It’s the Right Thing to Do

I’m voting today. You should too. It doesn’t matter that the candidates don’t give me much hope that if elected, they’ll be able to get anything done to improve our world, stop the waste in government or balance our budget. Voting is really about civic duty and doing the right thing. I’ve noticed this morning some bits of wisdom about voting, from people who can say it better than me. I’ll post a few below. But first you should know what you’re doing before going behind that curtain. In the Governor’s Race, Gov. Beshear is going to win. And I…

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Technology and TV Stars at the Breeders’ Cup

Louisville got plenty of national spotlight during the weekend, as Mother Nature cooperated for a spectacular Breeders’ Cup event that  surely convinced its execs to bring the event back soon. It’s in Santa Anita next year. For fans of racing, the Breeders’ Cup far outshines the Kentucky Derby. The two-date race card, and the spectacular prize money, attracts the best in the business from around the world. It’s an international event and with that comes a more sophisticated atmosphere, and not just because the infield is closed. There’s less drinking, unless you count the people at the amazing Grey Goose…