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Golf is a Gentleman’s Game … So Boys and Girls You MUST Turn Your Phones To Silent/Vibrate.

So, evidently, when a cell phone rings during a PGA tournament and a player is concentrating on a shot, it’s kinda distracting.  And, since there’s so much money involved and all, it’s a big friggin’ deal.  Enough golfers have stepped away from a tee shot or a putt or their pitching wedge after a spectator’s drummer, bicycle horn or Billy Ray Cyrus’ Achy Breaky Heart ring tone has killed the moment. To that end, this February, the PGA – after test driving a new policy at five different tournaments —  made the cell phone edicts official.  Here’s the company line…

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Louisville Cyclists to Honor Local Bike Advocate and Author Joe Ward

Joe Ward, a legend in Louisville and Bluegrass cycling circles, is in the middle of a bone marrow transplant procedure in Lexington.

As a show of love and support, local cyclists will ride to Lexington and Rally outside the Markey Cancer Center on Saturday, May 28. Here’s how you can be involved:

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Two Louisville Women Say Bike To Work Day, 2011 Is Better Than Morning Coffee!

Norma and Mary Lou tried the buddy system on May 20, 2011. They decided biking to work would be a great way to improve heart and lung health while saving money on gas. I caught up with them on their return trip Friday afternoon. They shared a feeling of exhilaration and accomplishment and decided commuting by bike is the way to go – at least in good weather. These two virgin bike commuters are typical of cyclists who find that once they get engaged in bicycling it’s very hard to quit. Grace. Peace. Bicycle grease. PS: Remember, every lane is…

“It’s the Environment, Stupid”

We all remember the Clintons and “It’s the Economy, Stupid”… and now many people have tuned in to understanding that everything, even the economy, is the environment. Let’s take this all a step sideways – because as you know I write about health and wellness – and understand how belief systems ARE the environment. Dr Bruce Lipton, biologist, quantum physicist and best selling author, explores the concept of beliefs factoring into biology in a way we pedestrians can understand in “The Biology of Belief”. He has since written the book “Spontaneous Evolution”. While I haven’t read it yet, the Q&A at…

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Bike Week Reminder: Bicycles Rule Worldwide! Two to One!

Damn, those Danes are stylin’! Just take a look at Cycle Chic, a Website with a bold tagline: “Hold my bicycle while I kiss your girlfriend … The Original. Bringing Sexy Back Since 2006.”

In Freiburg, Germany, 70 percent of local trips are made by bike or public transit or on foot thanks to regular, annual investments in bicycling infrastructure dating back to 1976.

In Australia, the state of Victoria, which is home to Melbourne, the country’s second largest city, amended planning laws to require all new large buildings to provide bike parking and other facilities such as lockers and showers.

New York City and Chicago have proved that even northern-tier American cities can become walkable and bike-friendly when they make the investment. In Washington, D.C. you can ride your bike straight down the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue on a bike boulevard!

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KIPDA Is Celebrating Older Americans Month by Honoring Centenarians

  KIPDA Will Host The Centenarian Celebration Day In Honor of Older Americans Month On May 20, 2011 From 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. At The Jewish Family And Career Services. The Kentuckiana Regional Planning and Development Agency (KIPDA), through its Social Services Division is hosting a celebration honoring centenarians who reside in the KIPDA region on May 20, 2011. Appreciating the many virtues that local centenarians have to offer, KIPDA will pay tribute to those in attendance as well as those in the community that cannot attend.  Over 50 individuals over the age of one hundred years young have…

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Metro Councilman James Getting Married

Metro Councilman David James is engaged to be married. The bride-to-be is Michelle Myers, an assistant in the Jefferson County Attorney’s office. Myers also volunteered on James’ campaign to win the 6th District seat on the Metro Council. The wedding is set for July, and will take place at the Women’s Club of Louisville, in James’ district. Myers said the couple is house-hunting in Old Louisville. Both James and Myers have daughters in their 20s. James is a member of the University of Louisville police force. He was elected to the Old Louisville seat last fall.

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Now What Do We Do?

While I’m still basking in the joy of picking long shot Animal Kingdom, I have to admit there is a Derby let down. It’s a similar feeling to the deflation that comes after Christmas. I cleaned, cooked, gambled,  entertained out of town guests, took in as many Derby Festival events as possible and after 3 exhausting weeks of horses, bourbon and everything Derby what is there to look forward to in our fair city? For me, personally, I have a count-down clock that is telling me I have 173 days until St. James but what about all the days in…