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Inspiring PechaKucha Night at 21C … the Mayor and 12 other Thinkers.

In my travels, I always have trouble explaining to people just how exciting it can be to live in Louisville, and nights like last night at 21C reinforce how cool it is to live here. 21C Museum Hotel hosted Louisville’s fourth Pecha Kucha event last night to a standing-room-only crowd. It was one of those evenings that made me proud to live here among such creative, innovative, and optimistic people. The Pecha Kucha started in Japan in 2003 as a way for designers to present new ideas in a forum as concise as a bento box, and the format has…

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Food Truck Movement Gets a Little Mo’

At the Food Truckus Ruckus Saturday, Steve Paradis of Fresh Start Growers Supply explained to us how he sees food trucks as a positive, fun way to get good, prepared food to events and places that good grub might not otherwise be available. I also talked with Tom Edwards, one of the owners of the new Mozza Pi pizza business, which operates a food truck and plans to open a brick-and-mortar pizza operation in the Highlands this fall. Several hundred people turned out at Fresh Start’s parking lot Saturday to sample food truck offerings and listen to music. Legislation is…

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Understanding the Universal Service Fee On Your Cell Phone

I Recently read a AP Wire report in the Courier Journal that outlined how low-income families were now eligible for a free cell phone with 250 minutes of  service. The plan is through Assurance Wireless, a prepaid phone service provided by Sprint. This service is now rolled out to the Kentuckiana area where Assurance says more than 211,000 residents are without a job, and more than 18% are living under the  federal poverty line. This is the 36th state to receive the benefit. “As we’ve become available in more and more states, Assurance is proud to help customers stay connected to potential employers,…

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My Father’s Day News Break

You’re right, I’ve been slacking a bit. No excuses. And there’s a pile of stuff to write about, including some video coming to the site very soon about Saturday’s successful Food Truckus Ruckus down at Fresh Start Growers Supply. Hundreds of people showed up, smiling and laughing, for a parking lot party with entertainment from Leigh Ann Yost. The lines for food stretched dozens deep at every offering, from the vegan dishes at Morel’s to cheese sandwiches at Lil Cheezers to my favorite, Mozza Pi pizza. Later we went to the Fleur de Lis art show out at Chubby Ray’s…

‘The Foreigner’ Speaks my Language

A dying wife and the some Klan members might not seem likely plot occurrences in a play that can be described as feverishly outrageous, but add a touch of sentimentally, an irreverent exploration of southern accents, one zany complication after the next, some Scooby Doo-style hijinks and you’ve got yourself ‘The Foreigner’.

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Ballistic Nurse of the Year

The first weekend in June Louisville was host to the American Holistic Nurses Association’s 31st Annual Conference. A treat for our fair city, and for the nurses. They loved the trolley hop and many local restaurants serving good local food. So after they were fed, how ballistic were they? I don’t know about you but most of my experiences with nurses seems to be in a stressed out situation and they have too many things to do. So I can understand when the waitress thought she heard and then announced over the loudspeaker that they were celebrating the  “Ballistic Nurse…

Hope for People with Brain Disorders and Injuries

Our culture seems to be riddled with people experiencing alzheimers, ADD/ADHD, autism, and other disorders of the brain and nervous system. There seems to be few if any answers or people getting results. One of the few modalities getting results and giving us hope is BodyTalk, specifically results from The Family Hope Center. The Family Hope Center (FHC) located in Pennsylvania has a team of Child Brain Developmentalists that help parents heal their children with special needs. The founder, Matt Newell, is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner. A statistic from their website: “Family Hope Center Receives Excellent Clinical Outcomes Score An independent…

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The Ruckus about Food Trucks

When Steve Paradis, the owner of Fresh Start Growers Supply downtown, went to Portland, Ore., he went to a food truck lot where about eight food trucks were doing a great business, serving up ready-to-eat gourmet dishes.  A big advocate of healthy food, Paradis brought the idea back with him to Louisville. And Saturday, at his store at Baxter and Jefferson downtown, he’ll host a parking lot party featuring at least four food trucks and the music of local favorite Leigh Ann Yost. It’s from 11 – 3. “What’s easier than driving a truck into a food desert and serving…

Derby City? Try Derbywood.

Have you ever thought to yourself whilst watching comedy classics like ‘Caddyshack’ or ‘Dodgeball’, “Man, if only this film was about tennis!” and furthermore, “Gee, if only it was shot in my backyard!” Well, today everyone’s a winner. It’s both.

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Stars Came Out For the Animals

I was fortunate to be invited to Zoofari 2011 on Saturday, the big fund-raiser for the Louisville Zoo. It was the 31st annual event, and it always brings out some of the city’s biggest and most generous big-shots. The highlight of the evening, at least for the Zoo’s patrons, is the auction of animals up for adoption. No, nobody takes home a polar bear for their back yard, but generous people bid to become adoptive parents of animals at the Zoo. Videos, cleverly done by 2Thomases Video Productions, are presented to encourage the crowd to ante up for one of…