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With Free Valet Bike Parking You Steal the Thunder with ease

Thunder Over Louisville is this Saturday, and Bike Louisville in partnership with Bicycling for Louisville is again offering free valet bicycle parking to get you in and out of Thunder Over Louisville the smart way. Bike valet parking is the Free Way that keeps you from getting stuck on the freeway. Nothing could be more convenient. You can roll up right behind Slugger Field. Last year almost 800 people took advantage of it! If you’re going, this year you should be one of them. It’ll save you from the gridlock and frustrations of getting in and out of the crowd….

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Louisville Mayor announces expanded recycling options

You may share Virginia Forest’s experience with recycling. She found that most of the stuff she once threw in her garbage could be recycled – if only it would fit in that tiny orange recycling bin. Meanwhile, like many of us, Ms. Forest found that her big, black tub for garbage was going practically unused. Well, Virginia is the first resident in the 8th and 9th districts with a new solution to that problem, thanks to an expanded pilot program in The Green Triangle.

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Hard Part Starting For Fischer

I think the P.R. campaign waged by NPR is working. Today I answered phones for a couple of hours down at Louisville Public Media, and plenty of callers expressed anger that the funding for programming might be in danger.  LPM’s “Campaign for Independence” is about halfway to its $650K goal. And it got good news from D.C. today. Honeymoon Now Over: Greg Fischer’s celebrating 100 days in office, and pretty soon he’s going to have to start dealing with a tight budget and maybe actually have to cut some things, and he hasn’t ruled out jobs. I say get to…

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Finally Some Love for Jockeys

There’s no group that’s more overlooked during the Derby party season than the short, strong men who ride the horses around the track. That’s why I was glad to see the Galt House is organizing the inaugural Night of Silk Derby Party on Derby Night to raise money for the Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund.  They had a press conference this week, at which Pat Day spoke, and announced that the new event has some impressive sponsors, a great dance band and an auction that I bet will have better horse-related items than any other.  The $375 ticket price, considering that…

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Yes, It’s Still March Madness, only 2012…Get Ready Louisville!

I know, I know, I should be talking about horses and Derby hats,  bourbon, betting and Barnstable’s.  Basketball is over, no more Blueston, no more Cardinals till the leaves start to turn colors…It really takes me a while to “put the ball away”. What has helped me in my catatonic, saddened state the past 2 weeks?( I am a Cardinal fan after all) No, not the bourbon mentioned….do you know me that well already? Come on, it’s like every Cardinal and Wildcat and Hoosier and Knight’s fan, it’s the thought of next year, the new season, the new players, all of our hope and…

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Bob, perhaps not a Great Man, but a Great Play

In the interest of full disclosure, I wanted to see Bob because I know there was some connection to White Castle. I, like many, have a love-hate relationship with the slider. A once-a-year indulgence usually preceeded by being perhaps a bit “overserved.” How could a piece of Americana be inspiration for a play at Actors Theatre of Louisville? Talk about mixing low cuisine with high culture. Part of the Humana Festival of New American Plays, Bob was written by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb. Nachtrieb was inspired and intrigued back in 2009 as he was working on another play at ATL and…

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Walking, Jogging or Running Your Way Back to Health

  By Barbara Day, M.S., R.D., C.N. It’s time to get outside and take advantage of all the really great parks we have available to us in the Louisville area. You can walk, jog or run. Walking burns less calories unless you can walk fast and raise your heart rate. Jogging and running burn more calories in less time but if you have not exercised at all start walking and then walk, jog and then you can begin running. You can use the following calculator to determine how many calories you have burned walking, jogging or running. . There…

Heart Centered Event!

In this town we host many leading edge events like the IdeaFest and Festival of Faiths. We are also blessed to have  the Festival of Healing and Spiritual Awareness organized by Virginia Gilpin from Bardstown, Ky. Before coming back to Louisville I don’t believe I ever attended this kind of event. I’ll admit I was a little skeptical. A good sense discernment is of great value. And now that I have “cased the joint” for you, I am saying “come on down!”. Many great offerings for sessions, readings and products. The line up of speakers and topics is outstanding –…

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Danger, Danger: Living in Rubbertown, Butchertown

Kelly McKnight, who works across the street from the Swift plant in Butchertown, knew something was wrong when he walked out his building’s front door and saw a bunch of people in white coats milling about. So he altered his plan to go out and went back to his office. But the water he got once inside “tasted metallic” and a c0-worker said his eyes were burning. He later felt he was getting a headache. At 11:30, he said, firefighters came inside and forced everyone out.  The ammonia leak at the Swift Packing Plant had caused officials to warn everyone…