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City of Hope Recovery Center: A Faith Based Approach for Long-term Recovery from Substance Abuse.

By Barbara Day, M.S.,  R.D., C.N. About six months ago I heard Attorney General GOP Candidate, Todd P’Pool, who is the Hopkins County Attorney say that 80% of the inmates in Kentucky’s Jails were drug addicts.  In fact, Todd was the organizing founder and President of the Western Kentucky Teen Challenge which is a faith-based residential drug rehabilitation center in Madisonville, Kentucky. The facility offers treatment to 60 men struggling with addictions with an 86% success rate.  I wondered why Louisville didn’t have a similar facility. But, today the City of Hope Recovery Center (COH) was officially launched.  The COH…

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Stealing, Lying, Riding, Biking and Singing

Happy Friday! Yesterday was my Mom’s 85th birthday, so I went over and saw all the birthday cards she got in the mail yesterday. There’s a lot going on around here this weekend, and of course Sunday’s a really big day. No Sympathy for Judy: I’m so glad the Metro Council hasn’t been taken in by Judy Green’s latest antic. She’s produced a note from her doctor saying that undue stress would be unhealthy for her. No shit.  Here’s an idea for Green — Resign and save yourself, and the government,  the stress. The Council voted 17-0 to reject her…

Pandora’s season opener of great importance

Pandora Productions will debut the critically acclaimed musical drama ‘A Man of no Importance’ at the Victor Jory Theatre at Actors Theatre, September 8 – 18, 2011, kicking off it’s 2011-2012 season in award winning fashion. Set in 1964 Dublin, the piece has been described as, “a tender and beautifully woven tale of love, friendship and coming to terms with one’s identity.”

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Chowing Down at the State Fair

By Barbara Day, M.S., R.D., C.N. The Fair getting ready to start and so is the tempting foods that go along with the party atmosphere of the Fair. If you are watching waistline choosing wisely at the Fair may be appropriate.  Use the list below to help plan your Fair Menu. (Sorry that the numbers are not straight but I have tried all sorts of ways to add the info & nothing seems to work for me).     FAIR FOOD                                      …

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Bike Policy at Fair is Absurd

Dear Kentucky State Fair Board, The next time you try telling the public that you’re progressive and modern, that something at the Fair is environmentally friendly or green, I’ll be reminding you about your bicycle policy that you had the nerve to publish: bicycles are not to be admitted to the grounds but should be chained to the side fences or left at the gate (but not where they might obstruct pedestrians or vehicular traffic). All bicycle owners are to be told that in no way will the Fairgrounds or the Gate personnel be responsible for their bicycles.” Not only…

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It’s the first day of school, Y’all

Ahhh…the first day of school. There is nothing quite like the sight of grumpy kids in brand-new clothes at the breakfast table who probably should have gone to bed an our earlier; the scent of fresh school supplies wafting from the youngsters’ backpacks—Crayola, Elmer’s, and even Paper Mate, just to name a few; the sound of squeaky brakes and hydraulics as the bus pulls up to the curb, lights flashing; the feel of the sweet kiss and hug you give them before waving goodbye, perhaps with a tear in your eye; and the taste…of freedom…if only for a minute to…

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I Was There: Hello Summer Festival

When Jared of CiPit Productions approached me about being Staff Coordinator for the Hello Summer festival, I didn’t hesitate. After all, how could you say no to someone telling you that you’re the perfect person for the job? You can’t. So I jumped right in. What better way to spend a summer day than in one of Louisville’s beautiful parks listening to great local music, right? And a great day it was. For Jared, Ally (also of CiPit Productions), and I, the Hello Summer festival started early–Thursday night, actually. After weeks of e-mails, meetings, and the like, we were finally…

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It’s Not That Fancy After All

Well it finally happened. The gloves are off and Governor Steve Beshear is wearing the biggest target in Kentucky politics. After Saturday’s annual Fancy Farm picnic, it’s clear Republican David Williams and Independent Gatewood Galbraith are zeroing in on the incumbent and it’s about to get very ugly. Beshear had the chance to speak first at the annual shindig, and instead of the rip-snorter of a speech that is usually expected, he talked about his recent trip to visit Kentucky troops and how his heart was with them and not ready for partisan politics. Well Steve — you seemed to…

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Diamond worth $15,000 Found in Louisville

Genesis Diamonds today ran a Diamond Dash where one lucky winner or team won a diamond worth $15,000! The Genesis Diamond Dash was a one-day, real world treasure hunt around the city of Louisville.  All locations and challenges were delivered straight to the contestants cell phones. And the contestants had to solve riddles, and earn points. Dish On Market, made popular by their “$10 Burger and Bourbon” promotion – how Kentucky!! was one of the stopping places for the 450 contestants that took part in today’s dash.  The clue was “multiply the number of triangles (in the window) by the number…