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Props to some “Kentuckians Who Kick A**” @ Kentucky for Kentucky

If you are like me, and some new friends of mine over at Kentucky for Kentucky, you love your home town/state. We truly have birthed some pretty cool stuff (you included) and we are unique that people think we still don’t wear shoes ( shhh…don’t tell them – they might want to move here and mess it all up). I stayed here because of my Kentucky roots, and I was lucky enough to travel a lot in high school and college, thus confirming that we have it pretty darn good right here in the Bluegrass. In my mind, Kentucky is…

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Judy Green…and her “Help” in Louisville

 Did I just fall back into the 1960’s in Louisville, KY? Was there a busing riot in front of Seneca High School…I’m confused. You fellow readers might have to help me out on this one. Judy Green now has a group of supporters. Well, that’s not out of the ordinary, even with the stain on the dress, Bill Clinton had his. What is odd to me is that Gracie Lewis, a Green Supporter, just waltzed out of a Book I finished reading the other day called The Help. Gracie knows what happened to Judy Green and her fall from office…and I quote “To…

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Da Vinci Deserves Better

(Photo from Last week, I took my family to the Frazier History Museum to see the Da Vinci “The Genius” exhibit. We expected it to be solidly entertaining, though we knew that it probably wouldn’t hold our toddler’s attention for long. First, we were very surprised by how cramped the exhibit was. There was a lot of stuff in those 10,000 square feet, but I could hardly turn around without running into someone, and it was so crowded that it was difficult to read most of the signs without hogging them. The reproductions of Da Vinci’s machines had the…

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Southeast Christian Church’s Family Palooza Labor Day Celebration

By Barbara Day, M.S., R.D., C.N. Southeast Christian Church’s FREE Family Palooza Labor Day Celebration was a happening! The weather was cool but better than the 102 degrees that had plagued Kentuckiana for a week. The Family Palooza was filled with lots of activities for kids of all ages. The most popular activity was the pony rides. The pony rides had the longest lines but what kid wouldn’t want to ride a pony! Three stations were set up for the pony rides and it was apparent the kids and parents loved the ponies, too. There was also a petting zoo…

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Fair Look at Locals from Sarah Hyland

I don’t think I can ever forget Sarah Hyland on stage at the Comedy Caravan Saturday night, bent over a stool that was supposed to be a sheep at the Kentucky State Fair, mocking a nine-year-old holding his prize animal. In fact, I don’t think the Fair will ever be the same for anyone in the packed house Saturday, because the Louisville native apparently spent a day out there and came back with a bucket of material that paints a too-accurate portrait of Kentuckians. Hyland, who grew up in the Highlands and went to Assumption, is on the verge of…

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Bad Bet at Churchill

More on the evil huge corporation front — In its attempt to squeeze more cash from its remaining fans, Churchill Downs has devised a way to extort $50 from folks who apply for Kentucky Derby tickets, even if the application is denied. Apparently the Churchill folks are so desperate for cash, they’re going to charge you $50 just for the privilege of applying for their overpriced product. And by the way, they’re going to hold on to your money for you for a few months, just to piss you off a little bit more. Then there’s that “In response fo…

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Ridiculist with Judy Green And Football is Here

If you’re a WKU grad and a U of L fan like me, here’s some good news. You can go to Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium for tonight’s 6 p.m. kickoff. You can probably watch the whole game (though few probably will) and still get home in time to watch the Hilltoppers take on UK in Nashville.  Both games are being televised on ESPNU. An Embarrassment Approaching the Karen Sypher Level: Anyone who saw Judy Green interviewed on WLKY  last night now realizes what a hoax it was that she claimed to be too sick to attend her removal hearing, which…

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City of Hope Recovery Center: A Faith Based Approach for Long-term Recovery from Substance Abuse.

By Barbara Day, M.S.,  R.D., C.N. About six months ago I heard Attorney General GOP Candidate, Todd P’Pool, who is the Hopkins County Attorney say that 80% of the inmates in Kentucky’s Jails were drug addicts.  In fact, Todd was the organizing founder and President of the Western Kentucky Teen Challenge which is a faith-based residential drug rehabilitation center in Madisonville, Kentucky. The facility offers treatment to 60 men struggling with addictions with an 86% success rate.  I wondered why Louisville didn’t have a similar facility. But, today the City of Hope Recovery Center (COH) was officially launched.  The COH…

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Stealing, Lying, Riding, Biking and Singing

Happy Friday! Yesterday was my Mom’s 85th birthday, so I went over and saw all the birthday cards she got in the mail yesterday. There’s a lot going on around here this weekend, and of course Sunday’s a really big day. No Sympathy for Judy: I’m so glad the Metro Council hasn’t been taken in by Judy Green’s latest antic. She’s produced a note from her doctor saying that undue stress would be unhealthy for her. No shit.  Here’s an idea for Green — Resign and save yourself, and the government,  the stress. The Council voted 17-0 to reject her…

Pandora’s season opener of great importance

Pandora Productions will debut the critically acclaimed musical drama ‘A Man of no Importance’ at the Victor Jory Theatre at Actors Theatre, September 8 – 18, 2011, kicking off it’s 2011-2012 season in award winning fashion. Set in 1964 Dublin, the piece has been described as, “a tender and beautifully woven tale of love, friendship and coming to terms with one’s identity.”