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Bin Laden’s Death-Moderate,Don’t Celebrate

I admit one part of me wanted to jump for joy when I found out about the death of Osama Bin Laden. I had the same visceral reaction many others have shared, and continue to experience today. But another part of me is saddened, and repelled by our joy. I do not deny his killing was necessary, but to rejoice as many seem to be doing is not something I enjoy. I won’t deny that President Obama and others will benefit from this on a political level, but to use the phrase, “welcome to hell”, is not something that needs…

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My Big Fat Louisville Night

It was kind of a big fat Louisville night last night for this old girl. The Louisville Orchestra’s WOW event, in which the orchestra played behind a road show group of vocalists/guitarists led by Brody Dolynuik who sang the music of Queen tickled my giggle gadget. And I wasn’t the only one! After the opening song, there wasn’t a foot that wasn’t tapping or a fat bottom on a girl or a guy that wasn’t jiggling.  And, after the first set, not a face without a smile!  The excitement paralleled that top of the hill roller coaster feeling just before…

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A Rarity: Bourbon advertised on Local TV

Give credit to WBKI for broadcasting the Balloon Glow on Friday night. Hosts Tara Bassett and Becca White had the formidable task of providing play-by-play at an event in which nothing really happens — balloonists send fire up in their balloons, creating some “oooh and ahhh” visual moments. That’s about it, but about 40,000 people fought traffic around Bowman Field to see it. The broadast included commentary from “balloon meister” George Troutman and some really awkward interviews in the field by Troy Roebuck and Julian, a 15-year-old intern. But what got my attention were the commercial spots. And while it…

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Derby Fever Is On.

Spring fever outbreak spotted in Louisville! I stopped by the track on Friday, where things are looking just swell in preparation for Opening Night. This morning the Mini-Marathon and Balloon Race went off without a hitch.

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Billy Reed’s Guide to Picking Derby Winners

Billy Reed may be the world’s greatest authority on the Kentucky Derby. We’re fortunate here at to have permission to publish this piece, with a special thanks to By Billy Reed I have been on the Kentucky Derby trail since 1964 and have actually picked and bet on a few winners over the last 44 years, most recently Super Saver in last year’s event. However, in the interest of full disclosure, I almost must admit that in 1973 I picked Sham over…uh, gosh, what was that winner’s name? Seems like a movie was made about him recently, but…

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The Decemberists Kick off Iroqouis Amphitheatre Season

My husband and I couldn’t believe we just discovered Iroquois Amphitheatre last night. After living in Louisville for 16 years I’m embarrassed to say it was my first visit to this venue. The Decemberists kicked off the concert season under threatening skies. Luckily the weather held off and the concert was hauntingly magical with the cool spring breeze and lightning showing off in the distance. If you haven’t  heard The Decemberists, I invite you to check them out. Their music reminds me of a mosh pit of R.E.M- U2- Bluegrass-Native American-influenced yumminess.  The crowd was a striking mix of mid…

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Join Louisville’s Bike to Work Challenge

A friendly competition for Bike To Work Month to encourage people in the Louisville area to use bikes for transportation! Each trip to work or errands count as one point. Most points wins! Organize a team of your colleagues, neighbors, friends, etc. Only the top five scorers in a team will count toward the challenge total. Who will win the coveted Golden Handlebars and be recognized before the whole city at Bike to Work Day, May 20 at Fourth Street Live? Start pedaling. It could be you!

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Some Notes for your Social Calendar

My head is spinning for all the exciting events and fun in the next few weeks! But, clearly our titles as River City and Derby City are dueling it out. Which will win? As Cindy shared, Waterfront Wednesday is now the Come Hell or High Water event at Headliners and now I have read that Dog Day at the Park has been postponed due to the weather. Fear not, for I have many things for you to consider in the coming days……… Thursday: The UK Alumni Association is hosting its Red White and Blue Wine Tasting Junior League of Louisville…

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“Hell or High Water” Brings WFPK’s Waterfront Wednesday to Headliners

The first water rescue that I’m aware of in local concert history, Hell or High Water showcase will bring the music from the flooded Waterfront Wednesday indoors to Headliners Music Hall on Wednesday April 27. Yes, the Lord may have been willin’ but the creek did rise. Meaning, the show must go on! An impressive debut for the 2011 season, Walk the Moon, Sarah Jaffe and The Deloreans are rising stars that are just too damn hot to be challenged by rising water. This 21-and-over show is free. Doors open and 7:00 p.m. and the bands strike up at 8:00…

Drakes…The Newest Addition To Louisville’s Dining/Bar Scene

The St. Matthews dining and bar scene has another top-notch newcomer…Drakes is now officially open for you to come out and play. After attending the grand opening this past Thursday night ( packed!), I went back to try some lunch, and had a chance to sit down with Brandon True, the Managing Partner for Drakes, and find out a bit more about this comfy restaurant and pub. Bluegrass Hospitality Group, co-owned by Bruce Drake and Brian McCarty already have several successful eateries in Lexington, where they are based. Malone’s Steakhouse, Sal’s chop-house and Harry’s Sports bars are the forerunners to Drakes, and I was…