Rusty Satellite 326: Kasey Maier at the Waterfront Botanical Gardens, and Joe Pusateri

Louisville is getting something special this week – the grand opening of the Waterfront Botanical Gardens. Its sits above street-level on ground that once was a junkyard, but has been transformed into something the city can be proud of. And Kasey Maier is the dynamic leader who raised the $16 million (thus far) to make it happen. We talk about what’s happened in the three years since she was last on the show, and what visitors can look forward to. Speaking of reunions, the last real conversation I had with Joe Pusateri was probably in 1992, when he was the…

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Jonathan Searle’s No Kid Hungry Event at Proof; Ed and Mary F. Glasscock on the World Championship Horse Show

Welcome to the 318th episode of the city’s longest-running and most interesting podcast –where this week I went on location to a couple of pretty remarkable and impressive locales. First I met 36-year-old executive chef Jonathan Searle in a private room at Proof on Main, which features a clock that counts down founder Steve Wilson’s life expectancy (he’s got more than eight years left). We talked about Searle’s rise from his start as a chef in Lexington to his new assignment at one of the city’s most prestigious dining spots. Searle, wearing a Bernie Sanders hat, brings tons of energy…