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LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK: Swan’s Song and Seven Sense, Flugtag, and Birthdays

Ready for your final free weekend before football season? There’s plenty to do, starting with the Flugtag experience down at the Waterfront, where 40 groups will push their crafts off the edge of a 22-foot high platform. If history is any indication, most will promptly dive into the Ohio River, like those paper airplanes you used to try to fly across the room during Algebra class. For details, check out last week’s Rusty Satellite Show podcast here with Bill DeReamer. Which is also a place to hear about Saturday’s big party on Preston, the Seven Sense Festival, featuring 40 bands,…

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Talk Zika and mosquitos in LouisvilleKY over some beers

Story from Kentucky Science Center’s website. Zika and Malaria: Updates and Research Innovations: Two prominent mosquito-borne illnesses will be explored in a public forum. Louisville, Ky., – Ruth Carrico, Ph.D., R.N., associate professor of infectious disease at the University of Louisville School of Medicine, clinical director of the Vaccine and International Travel Center, and founding associate director of the Global Health Initiative, and Dr. Hoon Chung, a Zika expert and professor in Microbiology/Immunology at the University of Louisville will lead the discussion on the Zika virus and its potential impact in the United States and Louisville. The event is scheduled for August 9…