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My Shirt Looks Good on You

All the kids who didn’t make the 2011 baseball team up at Ballard have been notified and my son is not one of them. This means I get another year of concession stand duty, recycling removal and sitting the spring and early summer in the stands with the same women I’ve been sitting with since our boys played together, against each other and for each other’s fathers starting when Kennan was five. Next year, I can go to as many games as I want and work as much concession stand duty as I want, but next year, my son will…

God, Mystics and Archetypes

Was delighted at the turnout and “turn in” for the Matthew Fox event last night. He offered Einstein’s deathbed quote when asked of his regrets – answer was that he hadn’t studied the mystics sooner. Today’s workshop starting at 9:30 will address: · Where is God? · What are the ways to experience God? · What results from these experiences? more info: Another opportunity February 20, 2011 at Unity of Louisville 11am Worship Service – Lecture and Book Signing Matthew Fox will be the guest speaker during the morning worship service. see you there! Mollie

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Welcome Douglass Loop Farmers Market!

I trust Louisville and the Highlands neighborhood will embrace the newest addition to the Farmers Market family—Douglass Loop Farmer’s Market, beginning Saturday, April 16. The goal of market organizer, Blair Helvey, is “to provide a direct conduit between Kentucky producers and local consumers for the sale of healthy and affordable goods.” With Kentucky Proud products along side info on sustainable living, the vendors should create a wide range of interest for local merchants, schools, organizations and families in the Highlands and beyond. The spring market runs through Sept. 24with a Fall & Holiday market running from October 01- December 17, 2011.  It…

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Let’s Talk TEDx!

Boy-O-Boy, TEDx Manhattan made a huge splash in Louisville. More than 300 people were in attendance for the local event hosted by Grasshoppers Distribution this past Saturday at Bellarmine University. The event was kicked off with a welcome by co-sponsor and hostess, Emily Bingham. She and her husband, Stephen Reilly were the force behind bringing TEDx Manhattan to Louisville. Stephen was in attendance in New York and was asked to speak about Louisville and our local food movement. Master of Ceremonies and Chief Organizer, Caroline Heine, of Heine Brothers Coffee, did a fantastic job helping the crowd transition throughout the…

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Adjusting to a City Without Strippers

U of L’s Wednesday game got top billing on ESPN last night, and the Cards showed future opponents how to beat them — denying the three and playing intense, hand-in-your-face defense.  Check out Gabe’s piece.  Not mentioned during the game broadcast: Karen Sypher, who seems, maybe, to have run out of rope and will be sentenced tomorrow.  Experts say she goes to the pokey for 5 years, minimum. Unhappy in Overalls: Fox41 found some farmers willing to go on camera to complain about Louisville’s new no-nudity ordinance.  300,000 people here for the Farm Machinery Show. Quote from a guy in…

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New Slogan: Kentucky, the Charlie Sheen of Commonwealths

Thanks, Shelly: On Monday, Sheldon Berman spared us all some drama by telling the school board to save its breath on saving his job, he’s ready to move on. So that’s that.  Note to those who pushed him out – be careful what you wish for. The diversity vs. student achievement problem won’t be solved by a new chief. Kentucky Greedy Festival: Last night Mike Berry pulled out the best he had in his P.R. basket to try to justify charging people to watch a free fireworks show in a public park. And the media ate it up. Berry whined…

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Bicycling for Louisville Tour Explores Local Civil Rights History

Join Bicycling for Louisville on a BICYCLE tour of local civil rights history. That’s right, Bicycling for Louisville is adopting the Anne Braden Institute’s wonderful Civil Rights Tour – by Bicycle! The tour originally was mapped out as a self-guided event for motor vehicles, but the local bike advocacy group decided to encourage bicyclists to give it a spin on Feb. 26. “For a fun, family-friendly day of fresh air, friendly folks, and inspiration, join us by bike,” said Amanda Fuller, one of the Bicycling for Louisville board members who adopted the tour for bikes. “Dress for the weather and…

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Now or Never for Berman

Tonight’s Jefferson County Board of Education meeting is the last hope for those in favor of keeping Superintendent Sheldon Berman on the job, and the prospects don’t look good for a reversal in the Board’s 5-2 vote to get somebody new. It’s not that Berman doesn’t have support. Groups and individuals as diverse as GLI’s Joe Reagan, the NAACP’s Raoul Cunningham, business leader David Jones, Jr. and state Rep. Darryl Owens have said that replacing the chief is not the solution to the system’s problems. Mayor Greg Fischer, asked about the issue today by WHAS Radio, says he’s not picking…