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Loving and Admiring Louisville Ladies

Awards season is upon us, and one of my favorites each year is the voting in Today’s Woman magazine’s Most Admired Women. The local magazine offers up six women in each of a dozen categories and tallies up the online votes to come up with the city’s most admired females.  You can also vote by Fax or Mail if you haven’t yet joined the 21st century. If you don’t know at least a few of these 72 women, you’re not very well connected. I’m going on memory here, but it seems to me the Media category is most often captured…

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How to Be Famous, Cheerleader Edition

So now we can add rain to the list of reasons public school administrators will, without hesitation, delay school. But the severe weather that occurred this morning around 4 exposed a more serious problem. The MetroSafe warning system failed and no sirens wailed when they should have. I heard WHAS-TV’s Joe Arnold discussing his conversation with MetroSafe’s Doug Hamilton today, telling Joe Elliott that the failure was, as yet, unexplainable. A Bartman Moment, Almost: Nobody was pulling harder for Pittsburgh to miss that last 3-pointer in overtime yesterday than U of L cheerleader Jordan Alcazar grabbed the basketball before time…

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Selling of Sex Draws a Crowd at Bellarmine

Bellarmine University brought in advertising expert Jean Kilbourne last night (she’d given a similar talk at U of L the night before) to talk with students about the dangerous world of advertising. Kilbourne is the real deal. Her resume includes a long list of citations in national media, her videos and books apparently sell very well, and she’s been called one of the three most popular lecturers on campuses across the U.S. And why not? Her subject matter is of interest to college kids — sex, drugs and alcohol. But mostly sex, and the way advertisers use it to persuade…

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Got Two Cents on the Iron Quarter? Hal Heiner Constructs Some Thoughts

Hal Heiner served for seven years as Metro Councilman for District 19 and ran an impressively close race as the Republican candidate for Mayor in 2010. His charisma brought a light to the classically nebulous podium wherever he spoke. A hands-on community member, a civil engineer, a farmer, father and grandfather, Hal remains dedicated to Louisville. He has returned to his company, Capstone Realty which provides space for business as well as forging a new path in education. His new direction? “My current focus is learning about public education hoping to advocate for significant reform. JCPS is leaving a high percentage…

Feeling Stuck?

In preparation for a group BodyTalk session I am hosting tonight I sat down this morning and let an issue “arise”. An old AND current way of being and thinking seems to have my attention at the moment – it seems to be rooted in “Separation Consciousness”. When I reflected on it, I saw a “limiting” consciousness that is a pattern in my way of expressing and experiencing life and relationships. Yuck! The exciting gift is that I now see the pattern – I keep inviting in people and situations to help me become aware, to grow. With this new…

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My Shirt Looks Good on You

All the kids who didn’t make the 2011 baseball team up at Ballard have been notified and my son is not one of them. This means I get another year of concession stand duty, recycling removal and sitting the spring and early summer in the stands with the same women I’ve been sitting with since our boys played together, against each other and for each other’s fathers starting when Kennan was five. Next year, I can go to as many games as I want and work as much concession stand duty as I want, but next year, my son will…

God, Mystics and Archetypes

Was delighted at the turnout and “turn in” for the Matthew Fox event last night. He offered Einstein’s deathbed quote when asked of his regrets – answer was that he hadn’t studied the mystics sooner. Today’s workshop starting at 9:30 will address: · Where is God? · What are the ways to experience God? · What results from these experiences? more info: Another opportunity February 20, 2011 at Unity of Louisville 11am Worship Service – Lecture and Book Signing Matthew Fox will be the guest speaker during the morning worship service. see you there! Mollie