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Uniforms in JCPS Have Got to Go

Uniforms have been a staple of JCPS for years now. Though it’s been several years since I was a student in the JCPS system I still question why exactly, school uniforms, or rather, strict dress codes, are so very popular. Of course, the argument for these dress codes rely heavily on an image of petty, brand-obsessed youth–a youth that, if allowed to dress freely, will allow pants to sag and budding breasts to pop, and will spend every moment discussing clothing rather than focusing on schoolwork. Did JCPS and other proponents of these dress codes draw their conclusions of the…

Heart Centered Event!

In this town we host many leading edge events like the IdeaFest and Festival of Faiths. We are also blessed to have  the Festival of Healing and Spiritual Awareness organized by Virginia Gilpin from Bardstown, Ky. Before coming back to Louisville I don’t believe I ever attended this kind of event. I’ll admit I was a little skeptical. A good sense discernment is of great value. And now that I have “cased the joint” for you, I am saying “come on down!”. Many great offerings for sessions, readings and products. The line up of speakers and topics is outstanding –…

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It’s Spring! But Remember, This Is Louisville, Ky!

This year, instead of checking your Blackberry for weather updates, get outside each day and see if you can tell which of the cold snaps we’re in – locust, redbud, dogwood, blackberry, linen britches, or whippoorwill. And at least until Derby, hold off planting tomatoes or storing your long sleeves away.

Energy of ALLOWING

Recently I was sent a link to an Awakening with the Masters teleconference call with Jo Dunning. Her powerful story inspired me to ask a question that has been helpful in expanding my awareness. Maybe it will help you also. Jo Dunning’s Journey She had always been curious about life and plants with a longing for knowing more. She learned a little bit about “everything” and felt she had the answers to life’s questions. But these “answers” were all from what she had read, from other people’s perspectives. She asked for a rapid change and the Universe provided it in…

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Trail Running: Save Your Legs & Get a Runner’s High

By Barbara Day, M.S., R.D., C.N.   After the Derby miniMarathon & Marathon in April, why not try a different type of running: trail running. When running on trails you can get three for the price of one: great aerobic exercise, lots of peace and quiet plus you can be entertained by some beautiful scenery. While the packed soil running surface is  much softer than the road,  there are also a number of concerns facing the trail runner: uneven surfaces, getting lost and staying well hydrated. Keeping an eye on the trail by stepping over roots and around holes will…

March Serenity Events in La Grange

March Serenity in downtown La Grange is a month of events to nourish and educate. I have been enjoying the hospitality of this small charming town for the past two Saturdays and will be there again tomorrow. Come join me! Back to Nature is the March 19th theme featuring gardening supplies, green lifestyles, healers, home-made foods, crafters, gardeners, free range chickens and eggs from local farmers. Demonstrations and talks include slow cooking, gardening and environmental films. Speakers CC = Community Center & HC = History Center 10am – How to Find and Explore Your Best Personal Strengths, Chelley Rouda, CC…

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The “Crap, We Lost to Morehead” Edition

Oh, NO! Not Morehead. Add Morehead State’s Demonte Harper to the U.S. Reed Cardinal opponent Hall of Fame. His 3 with 4 seconds left stunned Card Nation yesterday afternoon, ruining a perfectly good St. Patty’s Celebration at Ri Ra on Fourth Street, where I was, and countless other game-watching locales. While this team was fun to watch and had the potential to win it all, we all knew it had the potential to throw in a clunker against anyone.  Even Morehead. Now What?: Don’t know about you, but my tourney team is the BYU Cougars and Jimmer Fredette.  And I…

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Manual Teacher’s Relationship with Student was Ongoing

Last Friday afternoon a 17-year-old male student at Manual High School told his parents he was going to a friend’s house. He lied, but that’s standard procedure for a teenager. What he did was spend part of the night with 38-year-old Carrie Shafer, a biology teacher at his school. A police officer later discovered the couple in Miles Park, and arrested Shafer after finding alcohol and a prophylactic near their vehicle. It sparked a firestorm of media coverage, and is being investigated by the Crimes Against Children Unit of the local police department. She resigned on Sunday.  The events that…

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TARC Driver Gets Up Early to Pedal His Way to Downtown Louisville

Hugh is a TARC driver. His work day starts at 5:45. He likes the bike-on-board racks on the front of all the TARC coaches as much as I do. “I use them in the evening because I’m not much of an evening-traffic rider. I ride in the morning for the exercise and to save gas. And when I get off in the evening I usually put my bike on the TARC and TARC back home.”