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Louisville KY working on an arts master plan

Louisville, KY (February 8, 2016) – For the first time in more than ten years, the Louisville region is embarking on an exciting 14-month planning process that will result in a master plan to better connect and strengthen our arts and cultural assets over the next decade. In announcing this Louisville Fund for the Arts-backed endeavor, Louisville follows in the footsteps of many major cities that have successfully developed and implemented similar plans, including Chicago, Chattanooga and Denver. To ensure that the plan represents the diversity of our community, it will include an extensive engagement process with opportunities for individuals…

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THE WEEK: Oh NO, Snow in LouisvilleKY

OK, so it is actually snowing. I was out driving this morning, and up until about 9:30, I was thinking our local meteorologists/fear mongers had missed it again. But then the snow started, as advertised, though I’m not convince it’s something that warrants all the closings, etc. I was listening to John Timmons on WFPK, whose approach I wish others in the media would follow. Basically, he said, “It’s snowing in Louisville, and depending on which forecasts you believe, we might get 1-3 inches or 4-8 inches. Plan accordingly.” I was especially disappointed in the decision-makers at JCPS, who called…