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Speed is Big on Impressionism

Admittedly, I know very little about fine art. But I was fascinated by the collection of Impressionist works on display at the Speed Museum’s newest exhibition: “Impressionist Landscapes: Monet to Sargent.” The exhibit, which I saw Friday night, includes more than 70 paintings by some of the most legendary painters of the 19th and 20th centuries.  The main attraction, of course, is Claude Monet, and the Speed secured four Monets, including one that it owns, for the show. But I was drawn to others, like Julien Dupre’s “In the Pasture.” It’s a dramatic piece showing a farmhand struggling to control…

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Local & Regional Films Take Home Top Awards

(Photo above of former mayor Jerry Abramson and his wife) Louisville native Greg King and New Albany, Indiana filmmaker Ray Cart are among the winners of the top prizes at the 2011 Derby City Film Festival which was held February 18th through the 20th. Greg King and David Teague’s “Our House” took home Best Documentary and Cart’s “Queens of the Dead” won the Audience Choice award for favorite film. Cincinnati Filmmaker Michael Maney’s film “Meth” took home the award for Best Short Film and Actress Stephanie Brait picked up Best Actress for her role in the same film. Another Cincinnati…

God, Mystics and Archetypes

Was delighted at the turnout and “turn in” for the Matthew Fox event last night. He offered Einstein’s deathbed quote when asked of his regrets – answer was that he hadn’t studied the mystics sooner. Today’s workshop starting at 9:30 will address: · Where is God? · What are the ways to experience God? · What results from these experiences? more info: Another opportunity February 20, 2011 at Unity of Louisville 11am Worship Service – Lecture and Book Signing Matthew Fox will be the guest speaker during the morning worship service. see you there! Mollie

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Welcome Douglass Loop Farmers Market!

I trust Louisville and the Highlands neighborhood will embrace the newest addition to the Farmers Market family—Douglass Loop Farmer’s Market, beginning Saturday, April 16. The goal of market organizer, Blair Helvey, is “to provide a direct conduit between Kentucky producers and local consumers for the sale of healthy and affordable goods.” With Kentucky Proud products along side info on sustainable living, the vendors should create a wide range of interest for local merchants, schools, organizations and families in the Highlands and beyond. The spring market runs through Sept. 24with a Fall & Holiday market running from October 01- December 17, 2011.  It…

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3rd Derby City Film Festival

Just leaving a reminder to come out and support independent filmmaking at this year’s Derby City Film Festival. In its third year the fest showcases local as well as international short films and features. Here’s info from the press release: The festival will open with a short film screening group from The Bob Rogers Group (BRG), a production company based in Louisville. The BRG film program of 8 short films will be free to attend and begin at 6:00 PM on February 18th. The official opening night film at 8:00 PM will be “The Very Worst Thing” a film about…

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Portman, Kunis Vie for Being ‘Black Swan’

Maddening! Starring Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Barbara Hershey, Vincent Cassel, and Wynona Ryder. Directed by Darron Aronofsky I was hesitant to see this movie. I’ve had several friends say that it’s the greatest thing since Elvis, sliced bread, and the invention of the wheel. Any other detractors are mumbling. In fact Yahoo! Movie reviews gives it a pretty high average rating in their system. Still, I held out on seeing it until last night. My verdict: It’s okay. That’s not to say that it’s a bad movie; far from it. This is the kind of movie made for up-and-coming filmmakers…

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New Slogan: Kentucky, the Charlie Sheen of Commonwealths

Thanks, Shelly: On Monday, Sheldon Berman spared us all some drama by telling the school board to save its breath on saving his job, he’s ready to move on. So that’s that.  Note to those who pushed him out – be careful what you wish for. The diversity vs. student achievement problem won’t be solved by a new chief. Kentucky Greedy Festival: Last night Mike Berry pulled out the best he had in his P.R. basket to try to justify charging people to watch a free fireworks show in a public park. And the media ate it up. Berry whined…

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Money OK’d For Bike Bridge Project

(Tuesday February 15, 2011 from that “other” Louisville Website.) $22 million pledged for Jeffersonville ramp, resurfacing bridge deck; construction to begin this spring with completion by 2013 Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear and Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels announced today the two states, along with the City of Jeffersonville, will allocate $22 million in funding to complete the Big Four Bridge – creating a pedestrian and bicycle path to link Louisville and Jeffersonville. The agreement will turn an unused, rusting hulk into a new pathway that will provide connections from Louisville’s Waterfront Park to downtown Jeffersonville. Under the memorandum of agreement signed…