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Rusty Satellite Showcases Whitney Austin, Survivor of Mass Shooting, and Financial Expert Randy Raque

Perhaps the most serious issue in our society today is how to deal with gun violence. Mass shootings like the ones in El Paso and Dayton bring the issue back to the nation’s front pages on a regular basis. Almost a year ago, Whitney Austin drove from her home in Louisville to Cincinnati on a routine business trip. But on that morning, she walked into the middle of a mass shooting. Here on the Rusty Satellite Show, she tells the remarkable story of how she survived, and how the event changed the course of her life. Mark your calendar for…

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Smash Lab Louisville Aims to Help the Area’s Angry Blow Off Steam

Smash Lab Louisville is a “rage room” offering a new kind of entertainment that allows visitors to let out their frustration. Smash Lab Louisville has opened, becoming the first “rage room” in east Louisville. Smash Lab offers the visitors the chance to destroy and demolish a wide variety of objects large and small. Located right off Bluegrass Parkway, individuals, groups and even companies are welcome to join in the smashing fun.  ‘Rage rooms’ have been sweeping the country, and Smash Lab offers the same experience for those seeking out a safe way to smash something to smithereens. Smash Lab keeps…