2018-4-3 Kianga New Giraffe001

LouisvilleKY’s gets new New Female Giraffe  

 Louisville, KY., – Meet Kianga — a new 1-year-old female Masai giraffe joins us from the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens in California. Kianga was born November 9, 2016 in Los Angeles and her name means “sunshine” in Swahili.  Kianga is currently on exhibit in rotation with 2-year-old male giraffe Baridi and 21-year-old female giraffe Malaika. ABOUT MASAI GIRAFFE Female giraffes grow to be 16 feet tall and weigh up to 2,600 pounds. The signature long neck has only seven vertebrae, the same as most mammals. To counteract the demands of such a long neck, there are valves in the…

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bourbon barrels

LouisvilleKY Frazier History Museum and Commonwealth’s Bourbon country nabs travel kudos

LOUISVILLE, KY.,  – BOURBON COUNTRY has been named one of the “TOP 10 TRAVEL DESTINATIONS IN THE UNITED STATES” for 2018 by LONELY PLANET. The travel media authority named the Kentucky region No. 8 on its list of must-see places to visit. “The state of Kentucky is known for its rolling hills topped with stately horse farms, its fierce devotion to college basketball and, most importantly, its bourbon,” Lonely Planet said. “The state’s distilling heritage runs deep, and those looking for a taste should head straight to Kentucky Bourbon Country, the golden triangle between LOUISVILLE, Lexington and Elizabethtown where this seasoned spirit comes to life.” Lonely Planet also…