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He Did Not Win!

The events in Tucson last weekend were horrible. It was scary, terrible, awful and unforgivable. No matter how bad it was though Jared Loughner did not win.  Yes, he shot and killed people. Yes, people suffered and died. But he didn’t win. He didn’t win because there were brave people who stood up to him and stopped him from killing or hurting more than he did. As he tried to reload, one of the victims wounded by gunfire approached him and wrestled the clip away. He didn’t win because two other people tackled him and others sat on him to…

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A New Beginning

New beginning is what we need now more than ever. Not just this site, but all over the country. With the recent Arizona shootings, I’m reminded once again how much we need to cool the vitriol and heated political rhetoric on all side of politics. Free speech make sour country great, but knowing how to use it wisely seems to have fallen on deaf ears in recent months. Whether the alleged shooter is a right wing nutjob, a liberal wack job or a middle-of-the-roader who just snapped, you can be sure he was somehow, someplace, and a t some time…