THE WEEK’s NEWS: Ice Cream, a Roller Coaster and Some Real News

The current news cycle is being dominated by yet another tragic shooting, this time in Louisiana, and America’s continuing failure to do anything to change how easy it is for deranged individuals to get their hands on guns. However, there’s plenty of good news in good ole Louisville K Y . . .   COMFY COW’S RANGE: Could an ice cream business be Louisville’s next national success story in business? The six-year-old startup launched by partners Tim and Roy Koons McGee opened a commissary this week with plans to market sweet treats nationally. CHRIS THIENEMAN’S COURT BATTLE: Watch the video…

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Gilderbloom Racking up Praise for Two-Way Street Study

Dr. John Gilderbloom’s research on two-way vs. one-way streets, conducted partially on Brook Street in Old Louisvlle, shows that all sorts of statistics on living improve with the conversion. The study’s gotten the attention of scholarly journals and the Washington Post. Here’s an excerpt from the Post’s piece, headlined — Why One-Way Streets are Bad for Everyone But Speeding Cars, published April 17: In John Gilderbloom’s experience, the notorious streets are invariably the one-way streets. These are the streets lined with foreclosed homes and empty storefronts, the streets that look neglected and feel unsafe, the streets where you might find drug dealers…