THE WEEK: No Jaywalking Allowed, Jennifer’s Riches, Art, the Fair and the Chief

Stories we weren’t interested in on our Facebook feed: Who’s on the Ashley Madison list, your strategy for your fantasy football team, and your opinion on Donald Trump. But all those back-to-school pics sure were cute. Here are items of local interest: Jen Makes The Best List to Be On: If you are among the many locals who claim to have known Jennifer Lawrence when she was in middle school here, well, maybe you should ask to be in her entourage. Forbes announced its “Highest-Paid Actresses” list for 2015, and Lawrence’s $52 million blew away 2nd-place Scarlett Johansson by a…

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The Week Before THE WEEK in Louisville KY

We’re roaring into Derby Week, and watching for trouble in the news. Eight more days until Derby 141. Pappy Heist Case Solved:  The Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon Heist, perhaps the most-publicized theft of a valuable liquid in Kentucky history, was solved this week. The bad guys were found out after a tip led detectives to barrels hidden in a distillery worker’s backyard. (CNN) On Second Thought: Metro Councilman Dan Johnson’s attempt to single-handedly cause the merger of city and suburban fire departments, opposed by his colleagues and fire personnel with equal fervor, is over. Johnson offered a statement this week after…