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Comfy Owners Getting Some Cool Press

There were a lot of media crews in town over the weekend, including one from the popular Travel Channel show Man v. Food Nation. And on Sunday, they were at Westport Village taping a segment spotlighting The Comfy Cow. The show features independent local businesses all around the country. The show’s host, Adam Richman, was there touting the product, interviewing customers and preparing for the big event —  a guy named Joe who works at Zappo’s was preparing to take on a 15-scoop treat for the cameras. He’d won a contest eating Mexican food, and that was enough to get…

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Louisville Bike to Work Profile: Meet one brave bicycling barista

The confident 25 year old observed that many Louisville motorists haven’t yet caught on to the emergence of more bikes on the roads. “At the same time,” she added, “bad bikers give us all a bad name” by doing things like riding on sidewalks into crosswalks and generally ignoring traffic laws.

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Celebrating, or Trying To, on Derby Countdown

Highlights from a memorable weekend, on TV and otherwise. Remember, it is Sweeps month, in addition to Derby Week and the Rain Festival, so TV stations are working hard to produce local content. Local TV stations are spending a load of money, and the weather coverage is costing them, as Bill Lamb explained to distraught “Glee” fans last week. Lamb said the station got tons of calls from irate Glee watchers when their show was pre-empted for tornado coverage, so he had to point out in a Point of View that not only was the station obligated to provide viewers…

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Join Louisville’s Bike to Work Challenge

A friendly competition for Bike To Work Month to encourage people in the Louisville area to use bikes for transportation! Each trip to work or errands count as one point. Most points wins! Organize a team of your colleagues, neighbors, friends, etc. Only the top five scorers in a team will count toward the challenge total. Who will win the coveted Golden Handlebars and be recognized before the whole city at Bike to Work Day, May 20 at Fourth Street Live? Start pedaling. It could be you!

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“Hell or High Water” Brings WFPK’s Waterfront Wednesday to Headliners

The first water rescue that I’m aware of in local concert history, Hell or High Water showcase will bring the music from the flooded Waterfront Wednesday indoors to Headliners Music Hall on Wednesday April 27. Yes, the Lord may have been willin’ but the creek did rise. Meaning, the show must go on! An impressive debut for the 2011 season, Walk the Moon, Sarah Jaffe and The Deloreans are rising stars that are just too damn hot to be challenged by rising water. This 21-and-over show is free. Doors open and 7:00 p.m. and the bands strike up at 8:00…

Drakes…The Newest Addition To Louisville’s Dining/Bar Scene

The St. Matthews dining and bar scene has another top-notch newcomer…Drakes is now officially open for you to come out and play. After attending the grand opening this past Thursday night ( packed!), I went back to try some lunch, and had a chance to sit down with Brandon True, the Managing Partner for Drakes, and find out a bit more about this comfy restaurant and pub. Bluegrass Hospitality Group, co-owned by Bruce Drake and Brian McCarty already have several successful eateries in Lexington, where they are based. Malone’s Steakhouse, Sal’s chop-house and Harry’s Sports bars are the forerunners to Drakes, and I was…

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Stock Your Easter Basket at the Farmers Markets!

No matter how or why you celebrate this weekend in Spring, it is a time of reflection,renewal and yes…rain. A feast is always a vital ritual of the season as well as the giving of gifts. If you have a notion to create a basket of goodies for yourself, loved ones or company, you may want to visit Bardstown Road in the Highlands. It’s my neighborhood and I’m Kentucky Proud, if you will, about the variety available to our visitors. The venerable Bardstown Road Farmers Market  at Deer Park Presbyterian Church near Speed and the newest addition to the Metro…

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Firing up Louisville’s Downtown

They had a little breakfast/pep rally for downtown development this morning at the Seelbach, releasing a bunch of new numbers detailing how well we’re doing compared to cities like Nashville, Cincinnati and Indianapolis. U of L’s Paul Coomes compiled the data, and presented it along with the Louisville Downtown Development Corporation’s Alan DeLisle. Coomes mentioned, and it bears repeating, that it marked sort of a public return for DeLisle and staff member Patti Clare, injured in a scary, life-threatening accident last year. The breakfast was attended by about 300 folks interested in seeing downtown grow, from members of the Metro…

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Will the Fischer Administration Make it ‘Snow’ in Louisville?

When economist Clyde Presotwitz was promoting his book about the developing economies of Asia, Three Billion New Capitalists, he liked to recount a conversation he had with his 20-something son during the early part of the last decade. The topic of that father-son talk focused on the son’s future career ambitions.  The younger Prestowitz, armed with an MBA from one of the leading business schools in the U.S., promptly announced that he was eschewing an expected career in Silicon Valley in order to buy into a Californian ski resort.  The befuddled father demanded to know why.  Back came a very…