JAVA no longer, say hello to VINT

There’s been change a’brewing (obligatory coffee pun) at several Java Brewing Company locations and it’s more than just the name. According to Toni Lavenson, an owner of the newly monikered ‘Vint’, the rebranding was about expanding a great coffee experience into a welcoming meeting place and “next generation cafe” serving coffee, beer , wine and more.

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Understanding the Universal Service Fee On Your Cell Phone

I Recently read a AP Wire report in the Courier Journal that outlined how low-income families were now eligible for a free cell phone with 250 minutes of  service. The plan is through Assurance Wireless, a prepaid phone service provided by Sprint. This service is now rolled out to the Kentuckiana area where Assurance says more than 211,000 residents are without a job, and more than 18% are living under the  federal poverty line. This is the 36th state to receive the benefit. “As we’ve become available in more and more states, Assurance is proud to help customers stay connected to potential employers,…

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Benny is Building Weirdness on Bridges Debate

A hundred years from now, when locals talk about how they almost screwed up the waterfront by covering it with lanes and lanes of interstate and tried to build unneeded bridges across the Ohio, Benny Breeze will be an interesting footnote. He’s the star of a new media campaign financed by pro-Bridge forces that is in the process of offending African-Americans under the guise of raising awareness (huh?) about the importance of the $2.9 billion boondoggle. Here’s Benny:   But give the LEO story a read to understand the bizarre-ness of it all. Here’s a portion: . . . Benny…

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Furloughs and Gas, and a Tennis Movie

Hope you had a whole lotta weekend like I did. Mine was  highlighted by Sunday’s concert at Lakeside Swim Club by Mickey Clark. Thanks to Dr. John (Hans) Gilderbloom for the hospitality.  And congratulations to the WHAS Crusade for Children. It’s amazing how so many people tossing a few quarters in at red lights during a weekend can add up to $5 million. Now, on to the most important, or remarkable, stuff doing on this week: To Furlough, or not to Furlough: The Metro Council continues its budget hearings today, and members have been making news by making public their…

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Watch your step, Louisville!

Last month I learned that my hometown, Louisville, Ky, is at the bottom of the American Fitness Index – number 49 among 50 cities studied. And a few days later I found that Louisville is among the most dangerous midwestern cities for pedestrians, according to the Transportation for America study “Dangerous By Design.” I’m disappointed, but not surprised. I’m angry as hell. I’m embarrassed. I hope you are, too. Infrastructure too expensive? When I see our nation’s crumbling roads and bridges it makes me crazy. It’s like rubbing salt into a fresh wound when you realize that motorists are –…

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Casino Gambling in Macao, Singapore and…Louisville?

The upcoming general election for Governor is sure to bring the issue of casino gambling to the forefront yet again. There already appears to be some fracturing of the anti-casino GOP party-line stance when Republican primary candidate Bobbie Holsclaw called for the citizens of Kentucky to decide the issue via referendum. Surprisingly, GOP candidate David Williams’ running mate, Richie Farmer, publicly expressed the same sentiment. In the 2007 gubernatorial campaign, then-incumbent Republican Gov. Ernie Fletcher took ownership of the anti-gambling argument and attacked then-Democratic candidate and current incumbent Gov. Steve Beshear’s desire to put the issue up for a general…

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No Simple Solution to Louisville’s Fitness Failure? I Disagree.

I believe Louisville, Kentucky can rapidly become a more prosperous, active and healthy place to live, work and play. A few policy changes and buy-in from public and private leadership can transform our city and surrounding counties. It starts with rolling out the red carpet for pedestrians, cyclists and transit users, instead of throwing up roadblocks. Without spending a dime on infrastructure, we can get healthier and wealthier. In six months we can make a measurable difference. It takes action at the top, incentives, education, leadership, belief, positivity, connectedness, and the conviction that you can woo people away from the intoxication of gasoline fumes.

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Ride a bike. Take TARC. Walk. Drive a car if you must. But don’t miss it!

The latest American Fitness Index is out and Louisville is near the bottom again. As some people are quick to point out, there’s no single solution to our health problems. But I know of one simple solution that can bring us health and wealth. The Dutch discovered it more than half a century ago. See what a difference it can make in your everyday life. Ride a bike, walk and use transit systems as often as you can. Here’s a good place to start. Grace. Peace. Bicycle grease. PS: Remember, every lane is a bike lane. Share the road. Pedalaround…

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Louisville Cyclists to Honor Local Bike Advocate and Author Joe Ward

Joe Ward, a legend in Louisville and Bluegrass cycling circles, is in the middle of a bone marrow transplant procedure in Lexington.

As a show of love and support, local cyclists will ride to Lexington and Rally outside the Markey Cancer Center on Saturday, May 28. Here’s how you can be involved: