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Kentucky State Transportation Lets $41.4 Million Go Wasted!

OUTRAGEOUS! The Kentucky Department of Transportation will give up $41.4 million – even though they could have been using the funds to build better bicycling infrastructure, provide bicyclist education, install bike parking. Now they choose instead to send the money back to Washington. Meanwhile, we live in one of the most dangerous places in the U.S. for walking and cycling. And we rank at the bottom of the national Fitness Index. Let KDOT and Congress know you’re not healthy or wealthy enough to give up $41.4 M. You can do something about it! Join Bicycling for Louisville. We want better…

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No Apology Like a Good Apology

All this NASCAR craziness can be a good thing, I think. It’s certainly the most important thing to happen in the state’s economic development world in a while, and it’s fun to see local newscasts taking it seriously. It looks like WHAS-TV’s Claudia Coffey is having a little too much fun up there in Sparta. Other than that, the best story in today’s news is that Chip Woolley, the trainer of Derby-winner Mine That Bird, got himself in trouble for pissing next to a slot machine at an Iowa casino. Obviously, he wasn’t thinking, and was drinking, but he should…

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Big Four and Bourbon Make For Big Day

There were two stories in the news yesterday that will have lasting effects on our city, even though if you were watching late-night newscasts you’d think the most important thing going on around town was a guy shooting his boss (WDRB), a West End shooting (WLKY)  and  some couple from Alabama finding a bedbug in a hotel (an exclusive on WAVE). Yesterday afternoon, though, in a span of a couple of hours, local government made two huge announcements. One was that the Big Four Bridge construction, in which the surface will be transformed from a dangerous collection of broken railroad…

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Siegs On The River…A Place To Forget Your Troubles!

I get lucky every once in a while. The old saying that it’s good to know friends with boats couldn’t be more true than in our lovely River City. So,when asked to hang out on the river yesterday with Matt Coleman, a friend of mine, I graciously accepted. The beauty of Louisville really comes alive on the water, and so if you don’t have a boat but want the view with a lot of charm, you need to come down to Siegs on the river in Prospect, where we tied up after a glorious sunset. Siegs is a great combination of Tiki bar and…

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Beer-Focused Team Taking Over at Browning’s

METCO officials today approved a $100,000 loan to Against the Grain, LLC, the final step in the sale of Browning’s Brewery at Slugger Field. The new ownership will operate Against the Grain Brewery and Smokehouse, and hopes to open before the end of baseball season, according to Adam Watson, one of four partners in the new business. Browning’s will operate until the end of July. Watson, along with partners Jerry Gnagy, Samuel Cruz and Adam Ott, says the new business will have more of a focus on beer. “The changes are primarily ascetic and culinary,” Watson said. “It’s still a…

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End of Eras for Dutch’s, Nunn

  It should be a bigger deal when a local business that’s been around for 80 years — 80 YEARS — shuts down, especially when so many of us remember stumbling around inside Dutch’s Tavern in St. Matthews listening to rock and roll. But the truth is the landmark, opened during the Great Depression, is gone. Maybe there’s such a thing as too many bars in a small area — there’s competition from Gerstle’s, Molly Malone’s, BBC, Brendan’s and now Drake’s.   Nunn Done It:  Steve Nunn did kill his ex-girlfriend back in September 2009. He pled guilty today and…

JAVA no longer, say hello to VINT

There’s been change a’brewing (obligatory coffee pun) at several Java Brewing Company locations and it’s more than just the name. According to Toni Lavenson, an owner of the newly monikered ‘Vint’, the rebranding was about expanding a great coffee experience into a welcoming meeting place and “next generation cafe” serving coffee, beer , wine and more.

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Understanding the Universal Service Fee On Your Cell Phone

I Recently read a AP Wire report in the Courier Journal that outlined how low-income families were now eligible for a free cell phone with 250 minutes of  service. The plan is through Assurance Wireless, a prepaid phone service provided by Sprint. This service is now rolled out to the Kentuckiana area where Assurance says more than 211,000 residents are without a job, and more than 18% are living under the  federal poverty line. This is the 36th state to receive the benefit. “As we’ve become available in more and more states, Assurance is proud to help customers stay connected to potential employers,…

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Benny is Building Weirdness on Bridges Debate

A hundred years from now, when locals talk about how they almost screwed up the waterfront by covering it with lanes and lanes of interstate and tried to build unneeded bridges across the Ohio, Benny Breeze will be an interesting footnote. He’s the star of a new media campaign financed by pro-Bridge forces that is in the process of offending African-Americans under the guise of raising awareness (huh?) about the importance of the $2.9 billion boondoggle. Here’s Benny:   But give the LEO story a read to understand the bizarre-ness of it all. Here’s a portion: . . . Benny…