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Etiquette Rules that discriminate against Red.

Can we discuss some silly etiquette now? We all understand why you’re not supposed to wear white as a wedding guest. It’s a little bit dumb, but understandable nowadays, when one can never tell just how formal/traditional the bride is going to be. You wouldn’t want to show up in a white tea-length sundress, when the bride is wearing the same thing (embarrassing for one, annoying for another). That rule about not wearing black to a wedding has fallen away because, well, that black is formal, easy, and looks good on everyone. But somehow you’re still not really supposed to…

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Wedding Confessions begin … countdowns and irrational fears.

Six months ago I started blogging my wedding here for various reasons. The main reason was that I didn’t feel like wedding nonsense belonged over on my regular musician blog. In the past month, however, that blog has suffered because I have become so wedding-consumed with it that I can hardly think about anything else. It is both annoying and embarrassing. If I don’t write the crazy out of my mind, it festers there. That’s no good for anyone. And so, I apologize, but I’ve got some crazy to get out of my system. How about this for a confession?…

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It’s wedding crunch time. RX, please?

Yep, there’s still a wedding this summer. I know we’ve both been conspicuously absent from the blogosphere, but it’s still on. I’ve been consumed with work, with this overseas tour taking up the past month and a half. David has also been swamped with work, though he somehow found the time to blast through a huge portion of our To Do List while I was singing in Scotland. I’m fortunate to be marrying David for many reasons, but his help with the wedding is just amazing. If it were all up to me, I’d end up taking the next flight…

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No Simple Solution to Louisville’s Fitness Failure? I Disagree.

I believe Louisville, Kentucky can rapidly become a more prosperous, active and healthy place to live, work and play. A few policy changes and buy-in from public and private leadership can transform our city and surrounding counties. It starts with rolling out the red carpet for pedestrians, cyclists and transit users, instead of throwing up roadblocks. Without spending a dime on infrastructure, we can get healthier and wealthier. In six months we can make a measurable difference. It takes action at the top, incentives, education, leadership, belief, positivity, connectedness, and the conviction that you can woo people away from the intoxication of gasoline fumes.

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Ride a bike. Take TARC. Walk. Drive a car if you must. But don’t miss it!

The latest American Fitness Index is out and Louisville is near the bottom again. As some people are quick to point out, there’s no single solution to our health problems. But I know of one simple solution that can bring us health and wealth. The Dutch discovered it more than half a century ago. See what a difference it can make in your everyday life. Ride a bike, walk and use transit systems as often as you can. Here’s a good place to start. Grace. Peace. Bicycle grease. PS: Remember, every lane is a bike lane. Share the road. Pedalaround…

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Julie Smith Heads West

Julie Smith’s time in L.A. (Louisville area) is done and the former reality show star is headed to the real L.A. (Los Angeles) to pursue a career in entertainment. As reported by WHAS-TV’s Claudia Coffey, Smith is taking a big risk in order to make it show business. “I’m hoping to shop my reel in LA and land a talent agent. From there the idea is that they are able to connect me with the right decision makers and ultimately help me to find my way into the news and entertainment talk circuit,” she said in an interview. When locals…

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Louisville Cyclists to Honor Local Bike Advocate and Author Joe Ward

Joe Ward, a legend in Louisville and Bluegrass cycling circles, is in the middle of a bone marrow transplant procedure in Lexington.

As a show of love and support, local cyclists will ride to Lexington and Rally outside the Markey Cancer Center on Saturday, May 28. Here’s how you can be involved:

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Two Louisville Women Say Bike To Work Day, 2011 Is Better Than Morning Coffee!

Norma and Mary Lou tried the buddy system on May 20, 2011. They decided biking to work would be a great way to improve heart and lung health while saving money on gas. I caught up with them on their return trip Friday afternoon. They shared a feeling of exhilaration and accomplishment and decided commuting by bike is the way to go – at least in good weather. These two virgin bike commuters are typical of cyclists who find that once they get engaged in bicycling it’s very hard to quit. Grace. Peace. Bicycle grease. PS: Remember, every lane is…

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Packing Tips from a Seasoned Traveler.

Prepare yourself for some fun blog-reading over the next few weeks. There’s been all kinds of boring and stressful stuff going on, which I won’t bore you with here. Instead, get ready for some crazy Scottish adventures. I’m talking Highland cows, vegetarian haggis, late-night lock-ins at the pub, and ancient ruins. In between all that, some fun gigs. Today I’m trying to focus on packing. Packing lightly is the key here, for many reasons. Primarily, it’s because the airlines now charge like crazy for a checked bag, and we’ve already got guitars, accordions, mandolins, and merchandise to bring. Then there’s…

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Bike Week Reminder: Bicycles Rule Worldwide! Two to One!

Damn, those Danes are stylin’! Just take a look at Cycle Chic, a Website with a bold tagline: “Hold my bicycle while I kiss your girlfriend … The Original. Bringing Sexy Back Since 2006.”

In Freiburg, Germany, 70 percent of local trips are made by bike or public transit or on foot thanks to regular, annual investments in bicycling infrastructure dating back to 1976.

In Australia, the state of Victoria, which is home to Melbourne, the country’s second largest city, amended planning laws to require all new large buildings to provide bike parking and other facilities such as lockers and showers.

New York City and Chicago have proved that even northern-tier American cities can become walkable and bike-friendly when they make the investment. In Washington, D.C. you can ride your bike straight down the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue on a bike boulevard!