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Louisville Bike to Work Profile: Meet one brave bicycling barista

The confident 25 year old observed that many Louisville motorists haven’t yet caught on to the emergence of more bikes on the roads. “At the same time,” she added, “bad bikers give us all a bad name” by doing things like riding on sidewalks into crosswalks and generally ignoring traffic laws.

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Teresa Scanlan, Miss America 2011 Hangs out at The Willow Tree

Boden (Bo) Berndt with Teresa Scanlan. By Barbara Day Teresa Scanlan, Miss America 2011,  was in Louisville on Wednesday, May 4 to meet and greet Louisvillians at The Willow Tree, 657 S. Hurstbourne Parkway. Joseph Ribkoff, a national sponsor of the Miss America Pageant, had sponsored her to appear at the Great Steamboat race which was re-scheduled in June because of the flooding and attend the Derby Celebrity Luncheon. While she was in town, Teresa was promoting the Joseph Ribkoff line sold at The Willow Tree. As a frequent customer of the Willow Tree and the proud owner of many…

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Fancy Pants bike Ride

Dress up for Bike Ride to Dawn at the Downs – Thursday, May 5, 2011 If an early morning at the track and even earlier morning on your bike sounds like fun to you then Bike to Dawn at the Downs tomorrow morning, Thursday May 5, is just for you! Join the early-rising sprocket jockeys in their best Derby attire for a ride from Central Park in Old Louisville to Churchill Downs. We’re not talking about spandex here. And this is no race. It’s for the Derby dame or dandy who likes the idea of riding in high style. Meet…

Kirby and Rocky all week from the Backside

      So Tuesday morning we gutted out the rain, wind, and dropping temperatures.  Although we were soaked to the bone, it was a blast. Rocky Knight brought his velveteen “derby hat” as I talked with New York milliner Christine Moore.  It’s Kirby and Rocky from The Backside all week on Oldies 1570am.  Its great to be broadcasting with an old friend.  Not that Rocky Knight is an old guy, rather back in the days of WQMF Rocky and Troy Show I used to pop over to the early morning radio show often.   All week Rocky and I are live from the…

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Royal Wedding Parties, Mawwage, and Fairy Tales.

I left the Frazier Museum party just as William and Kate arrived at Buckingham Palace, thinking that I’d rush home and write up a story about the morning’s events for you lovely readers. Of course, once I got home, with the TV on, patiently awaiting their balcony kiss, I decided being alone was lame — David had to go to work because apparently the price for American freedom means we don’t get to observe the Queen’s holidays — and that I needed to run by the home of some Welsh friends, whom I was sure were still partying. Then I…

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Royal Wedding highlights, Free Official Programme, and Deep Thoughts.

FWT and I are REALLY excited about the Royal Wedding. Well, that’s not entirely true. FWT is kind and willing to sit through the TV documentaries on the Royal Wedding and pretend like he’s as excited as I am. I suspect that’s for two reasons 1) he loves me dearly and 2) I really never want to watch TV. So this is my rewards for sitting through “Rules of Engagement” and other bad TV shows just because I want to be next to him. Although, I think he is just as excited about the Royal Wedding itself, just not so…

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Day 581 of My Car-Free Experiment – Meet Jeromy Edwards

It was a Vista Duchess – an obscure brand and model to be sure. I couldn’t recall ever seeing a Vista. This bike looked like it was straight from the carton, but clearly had all the signs of its 1960s vintage – large chrome headlight and taillight with generator, matching yellow handle grips, gum-walled tires, a kickstand, a Pletscher-style rear cargo rack. And everything about the bike was immaculate. I mean, not a scratch!

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Bike, Walk or TARC to Louisville’s Car-Free Happy Hour

Rain or shine, one night each month Louisville’s active transportation advocates get together for food and beverages wherever they can find enough bicycle parking. You should come, even if you need to drive. You’ll meet people from all walks of life. No pun intended. The thing we have in common is some measure of independence from automobiles. Come see. Thursday, April 14 at 5:30 p.m. Can you believe I posted this bit of shameless promotion from my phone! This is crazy for a guy who started out as a printer setting lead type by hand. By the way, folks, here’s…