B is for Burglar

Did you hear that Larry Bisig, resident of Bonnycastle, is starting an email and text messaging service in an effort to ‘disseminate information about public safety in the area?’

He says that it is prompted by  a recent increase in burglaries in this Louisville area and that he needs other residents to join him to be successful.

He’s also distributing stickers that have the letter “B” on them — for ‘Bonnycastle’ (or Bisig!) but really anyone in the Highlands area is welcome to have them, he said.

The idea is that  residents and vendors put them on their cars….and here is the reported purpose of it…….’to help distinguish those vehicles from those belonging to possibly burglars’. Bisig said “he was prompted to do something following the recent burglaries, which, for the first time, according to police, have been perpetrated by several small groups as opposed to one or two individuals.”

Here’s my question:

What if the perpetrator is a resident of The Highlands or knows someone who is a resident of the highlands ….. or just steals the sticker? What about if the B was for burglar and the B was put on their cars instead?

Just my 2 cents.


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