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Finally, Some Comedy in the Kevin Ware Saga

They’ve got some great writers at the Letterman show. You may have heard enough of the heart-wrenching Kevin Ware story, but this bit on Letterman is hilarious. Ware shows he’s got some comedy chops. The bit was written as the Top 10 thoughts going through Kevin Ware’s mind as he was writing in pain:

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Great Video – Last Letter Home with Bernie Lubbers/Hickory Vaught

This video, produced by Mark Cowherd, gives you a great feel for the Bernie Lubbers/Hickory Vaught show at the Haymarket Whiskey Bar, which I wrote about last week. Bernie and Hickory take you through the history of bourbon with story and song. This is “Last Letter Home” about a Civil War soldier fighting and dying for the Conferderate cause. I had a pretty good seat!

Bourbon + Bluegrass + History = Hit Show

There just may not be enough bourbon-themed tourist attractions in this town, so it was time for someone to create an entertaining Bluegrass music/Bourbon history show.

So says comedian Bernie Lubbers, the self-proclaimed Whiskey Professor, who along with mandolin-picker Hickory Vaught has created a 75-minute show touted as “an all-sensory historical live musical performance piece.”

Gnit-Picking at Actors Theatre

If you go to Gnit, in the Humana Festival of New American Plays at Actors Theatre, know that you may walk out scratching your head and wondering the meaning of what you’ve just seen.

While I’ve become used to the professional productions at Actors — the sets, the sounds, the spot-on performances by the actors — this story of Peter Gnit was a difficult story to follow.