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Breakfast of Champions with Andy Blieden Jan. 8

  View this email in your browser Start the New Year right with Breakfast of Champions on January 8. Andy Blieden, affectionately known as the Mayor of Butchertown, will give us an entertaining and exciting update of the goings-on in one of the city’s most exciting neighborhoods. Find out what’s new, what’s coming, and what’s driving Butchertown’s impressive and eclectic resurgence. There is much to talk about, from fantastic new restaurants, shops and other businesses to major projects including the Waterfront Botanical Gardens and the Louisville City FC soccer stadium!Andy Blieden is the key executive of Butchertown Market. He is…

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5 Ways for a Physician to Unwind at the End of a Busy Working Day

Being a physician is a very demanding and stressful job. The days can be excruciatingly long, patient care can be very challenging, and levels of stress and cases of burnout are much higher than many other professional careers. Finding ways to relax and unwind are important, but not all doctors are able to switch off from their duty of care. Many of the causes of stress can be changed. However, for those that can’t it’s vital you learn how to relieve the stress, for your own and your patients’ wellbeing. Cut Out the Caffeine Very Well Mind provides details into…


Here’s a Heuser Health Update

Many of you have followed my progress in getting healthy with Peggy Heuser of Heuser Health. Here’s an update: In early March 2018, I met with Peggy Heuser to get the results of the blood work she’d ordered for me. I had not had a physical or been to a doctor for more than three years. In 2015, I had fusion surgery done on my right ankle. Having been a serious athlete before that, I had stopped most activity. As a result of that, and an unhealthy diet, I had become obese and that day weighed 229 on her scale….

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Visiting Tennessee? Here’s What You Need to Know

Tennessee is one of the most visited states in the US for a reason. Famous for both cultural and historical reasons, as well as having a thriving modern shopping and dining scene, Tennessee has appeal for a wide range of people. If you’re looking for somewhere to vacation, or you’re planning a trip that takes you through one of the friendliest states in America, then there are some weird and wonderful things that you need to know first. Tennessee has some glorious quirks, oddities, and spectacular sights. Here’s everything you need to know about visiting one of the best tourist…

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Big City Living: 3 Keys to Truck Maintenance for Urban Drivers

Trucks are America’s most popular vehicle, and not just in the country. In fact, they're quickly becoming a vehicle of choice in cities, too. Texas alone hosts three cities that top national searches for truck ownership: Houston, San Antonio and Dallas. In Kentucky, the Ford plant in Louisville helps make the F-150 the most popular vehicle in the state. Even in Chicago, where local regulations forbid pickup trucks on boulevards, their sales increased 6 percent in recent years. This reflects a national trend which is seeing the roomy pickup truck becoming the preferred vehicle for women and families, with family-friendly…


Family Fun, Cards’ Celebration, Country Music and Farmers Market Headline Fourth Street Live! Events

There’s plenty of exciting attractions coming to Fourth Street Live!, including events for fans of basketball, country music, and healthy eating. FAMILY FUN DAY Bring the whole family, including those with four legs, to Fourth Street Live! on June 30 for the first-ever Family Fun Day. There will be a full schedule of activities suitable for little ones and furry friends alike. It’s always fun to bring the family pet to a big event, especially with the opportunity to interact with other animals. For $5, guests get an all-access wrist band. Proceeds benefit The Arrow Fund, a non-profit with a…


Why You Should Join The Army of Entrepreneurs at Local AFLAC Office

There’s a highly-charged, bright, and fun atmosphere with music streaming all day from a huge video wall at the Dream Big AFLAC regional office just off Linn Station Road in east Louisville. It’s a place where the moment you walk in the door, you’re asked to Dream Big. That’s the mantra of David Watson, regional director  for the Louisville Dream Big AFLAC Regional office, which provides supplemental  insurance for businesses and individuals. Watson uses all social media to get his message out, and he’s got plenty to talk about. He recently launched a YouTube show called “Dream Big, Be Bold”…

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It’s Not a Diet, It’s a Lifestyle

When my weight started creeping upward a few years ago, coinciding with an injury that forced me to quit playing racquetball, I knew I would be in trouble, health-wise, eventually. Fortunately, a chance conversation with Peggy Heuser at Heuser Health has my health headed in the right direction. My clothes weren’t fitting. I felt sluggish in general, and couldn’t do some basic physical acts, like bending over. So I scheduled a session with Peggy, and she ordered some tests of my blood. When I walked into her office, the WAKE-UP call was fully on. I learned that my A1C level,…

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Fourth Street Live! Launching Pizza Bar This Summer

An exciting new concept coming to Fourth Street Live! will feature New York style thin-crust pizza and a variety of arcade games. Pizza Bar will take the place of Birracibo at the downtown entertainment complex, and is a mutual investment by Cordish Companies and local business leader Ulysses “Junior” Bridgeman. “Pizza Bar is a proven success and given the tremendous momentum of downtown Louisville, the best concept to maximize the terrific potential with Fourth Street Live!,” said Bridgeman, President and CEO of Manna, Inc. When it opens later this summer, the 120-seat operation will offer fast and affordable lunch and…

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The History of the Cigar

Now a sophisticated way of celebrating a birth, a marriage, or a successful business deal, the smoking of a cigar has come a long way since cigars were first created, over a thousand years ago. The Mayans It is believed that the ancient Mayans invented the first incarnation of the cigar by wrapping tobacco in palm or plantain leaves. The Mayan people utilised tobacco in many different ways, from brewing it in drinks, to using it for medicinal purposes. Traces of tobacco and images of people smoking cigar-like items have been discovered inside archaic vessels and on ruins, reinforcing the…