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LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK: A Double Dogs Doozy, The New Chief and the Cal Cast

On Monday, you can experience the opening of the new Double Dogs restaurant in Middletown, out by the Snyder. I was invited to a preview event last night, and the place is done up right, with a dog theme (in the spring, you can take your pup there and eat on the patio). The theme is incorporated throughout, down to the Bo’s Dog Bowl Nachos, served in, that’s right, a dog bowl. Check out my story on the place over at EatDrinkTalk, where you’ll also learn about the opening of the Goss Avenue Pub (in the former Craft House spot)…


End of an Era for the Monkey Wrench

After 12 years as a go-to spot for live music, the Monkey Wrench on Barret will shut down for good April 1. Dennie Humphrey made the surprise announcement today in a Facebook post filled with emotion. “It’s with a big smile, bittersweet amazingness and a lot of pride I announce that in March, the month of our 12 year anniversary, Monkey Wrench is saying goodbye,” he wrote. In an interview, Humphrey said he made the decision after a lot of consideration, saying that it would take $150,000 to upgrade the facility to remain competitive as both a restaurant and nightspot….

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Snider Out for Cards for 2-3 Weeks

from the University of Louisville: University of Louisville junior guard Quentin Snider will be sidelined for 2-3 weeks with a strained hip flexor suffered in the second half of the Cardinals’ victory over Duke last Saturday. Snider suffered the injury on a layup with 18:48 remaining in the second half, but finished the game despite his discomfort.  The injury should heal with rest and rehabilitation and does not require surgery. Snider is the Cardinals’ assist leader and second-leading scorer, averaging 12.1 points, 4.0 assists and 2.6 rebounds.  He is third in the ACC and 32nd in the nation in assist-to-turnovers…

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More Social Work Jobs Are Available

We’re seeing a huge jump in demand for social workers and professionals in the field. There are a number of reasons why the demand for MSW professionals is increasing, but the most prominent one is the fact that jobs, such as diversity and inclusion manager, are now considered more important than ever before. Companies are actively looking for graduates with a master’s in social work and top universities such as Case Western Reserve University are helping students acquire the skills and knowledge needed to be the best in the field. There are a lot of interesting jobs and careers in…

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LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK: In Which Things Get Real

Kentucky Republicans are wasting no time in the first week of the legislative session in Frankfort. With the new power gained by winning control of the House and Senate, the senators and representatives jumped on the pressing social issues that all Kentuckians consider priorities — passing laws restricting abortion. That was a bit of sarcasm. For as long as I’ve been following state government, the old white guys in office around the state have sent annual abortion bills to committees, where Democrats concerned for women’s rights promptly voted them down. This week, a bill outlawing abortions after 20 weeks is…


LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK: Looking Back, 2016 Wasn’t All that Bad

We’ve been reflecting on 2016 on the Rusty Satellite Show and EatDrinkTalk podcasts. I love all those end-0f-the-year lists, which I use to fill my Amazon Watchlist queue and take note of worthy books for future reading. And now that I’ve got a new friend, named Alexa, that plays my musical choices whenever I ask, I can easily remember what made news is 2016. However, I’m really tired of hearing people complain about the year, expressing joy for its demise, and dread about 2017. Yes, I’m aware that famous people passed away in 2016 – a list headed by Muhammad Ali…

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How to Make Your Business a More Competitive Organization

Is your business as competitive as it can be? Unfortunately, many organizations are not operating at the optimum level and over time they can slowly start to fail. This is a situation you can fix, but as a business owner, you must change your mindset and your approach to business. Below are some of the most effective ways you can transform your business into a more competitive organization. Learn How to Become a Better Business Person Many business owners are experts in the industry they specialize in. However, when it comes to their business skills, they often fall short of…

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Working Pet Owners Have Options

Care Options for Working Pet Owners Employment and pet ownership don’t always mix too well. Thousands of people in Louisville work full-time. This is a good thing for the local economy, but it is not so great if you are desperate to offer a home to a dog. Luckily, there are options available if you are thinking about buying a pet dog this year and you don’t to leave it home alone while you go to work every day. Unemployment in Kentucky is currently running at around 5.1%, which is lower than the national average. Increasing numbers of people are…


LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK: The Worst Person in the ‘Ville, and Good Tidings

The Worst Person of the Week: The bad news is that many of us know people like this horrible woman at Jefferson Mall, whose tirade started because she suspected that a Latino woman cut in line before her at JCPenney. Reaction to the video has included outraged responses from Mayor Fischer and Congressman Yarmuth. And a lot of regular folks. That an old lady in a mall feels comfortable spewing racist remarks in public says a lot about what’s going on in our world. And that’s not good. So how about showing some kindness for the holidays, please. Now Some…

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LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK: No Scandal Here, Right?

If the national media is reporting on the University of Louisville sports world, it couldn’t be accurate without using the words “shooting” “sex” “scandal” “cheating” “investigation” and “money”. The positive news about Lamar Jackson winning the Heisman Trophy enjoyed a brief moment in the spotlight, very brief, before a shooting involving football players and a revelation about cheating, plus the A.D. waging a war of words over money with city officials, returned to the front page. I’m trying to figure out how two U of L football players, and a cheerleader, got themselves shot at a party at an off-campus apartment,…