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LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK: Talk of Eating, Drinking and Living It Up with Rusty

Those drinks you see above were part of a festive evening spent at River House and the Levee, one of the city’s newest restaurants AND nightspots. Live music filled the spacious bar, even on a Wednesday night, and the band played a rousing rendition of one of my favorites — Standin’ on Shaky Ground. At dinner, I had the dish John Varanese recommended when he was on Rusty when the place opened — Grouper Cheeks. Perhaps the best single dish I’ve had in the ‘Ville in a long time. Here’s news about the 3 podcasts I was involved in this…

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Join Me Saturday for Bike MS – Bluegrass, Bikes and Bourbon

That’s right. Yours truly is going to ride 25 miles on Saturday in this great Bike MS event. There’s still time to join me.  Bike MS: Bluegrass, Bikes & Bourbon 2016 Saturday & Sunday June 25-26 2016 7:30 am Start Time (both days) Route: 25, 50, 100 mile options Start and Finish – Louisville Water Tower The National Multiple Sclerosis Society Kentucky Southeast Indiana Chapter invites the public to “Don’t just ride, Bike MS”. Enjoy a 2 day cycling adventure with your closest friends through the rolling hills of Kentucky. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or an avid cyclist, every pedal stroke will raise…

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Gambling’s History in Kentucky

  The history of gambling in Kentucky can be traced back to the gambling clubs that came into existence just before the Great Depression; and after that period.  At that point, it was illegal to engage in any form of casino gambling but it didn’t stop the avalanche of gambling dens from springing forth. Contributing factors to this were the proximity of Ohio and the presence of organised crime gangs that had control over most of the activities that happened in Newport and other northern parts of the state. Top gambling houses in Kentucky history Way before these days of…

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Why Children Across America Are Being Taught About Entrepreneurship from A Young Age

When you think of an entrepreneur, what is the picture you get in your mind? Someone like Richard Branson or Mark Zuckerberg? A business visionary who has a range of experience and qualifications like an MBA and a Six Sigma Master Black Belt level certification? Perhaps an inventor with an amazing new product? Well, chances are what you don’t envisage is a child, however there are already some successful child entrepreneurs out there. Of course, not every kid is thinking about making money rather than playing games or watching cartoons when they’re still in school, but there is a lot…

Wil Heuser as Angie Fenton in Real Housewives of Louisville

Wil Heuser Brings The Real Housewives to LouisvilleKY

You just have to love the Real Housewives of Louisville parody series produced by Wil Heuser. The eccentric performer talks about his 9th year of producing “The Wil Show” and how local celebrities have reacted to being depicted in his video series on the latest Rusty Satellite Show. Here’s the 2nd episode of the series. The first featured local notables Barbara Sexton Smith (a former Rusty Show guest and Metro Council member) and former WHAS-TV news anchor Melissa Swan battling over an award given at an event for, not kidding, “Red-headed Left-Handed” people. In addition, there are appearances by media…

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Friday Bombshell: Bevin Announces U of L Board, Ramsey Are Out

Gov. Matt Bevin had enough of the shenanigans of the last few years at the University of Louisville. Today he announced that he was effectively firing the entire 17-member Board and accepting the resignation of the school’s president, Dr. James Ramsey. He said that three people – Junior Bridgeman, Bonita Black and Dr. Ron Wright –  will serve as the Interim Board for the next two weeks, Bevin said. Ramsey’s immediate fate isn’t certain, Bevin said, though his resignation could be effective immediately. “Given the disfunction that exists between factions of the board, it would have created a degrees of…


LouisvilleKY’s Forecastle Festival Reduces Carbon Footprint

Forecastle Festival to Offset Carbon Emissions with Clean Energy Partnership signals major step to help combat climate change Louisville, Ky. (June 14, 2016) — It takes tens of thousands of kWh of electricity to make Forecastle Festival rock and roll each year on the Louisville Waterfront. And again this year, a partnership with Arcadia Power will ensure the festival’s carbon footprint is smaller than ever. Forecastle Festival will run on 100 percent pollution-free electricity through a partnership with national Clean Energy provider Arcadia Power. For every kWh of electricity used at Forecastle Festival, a kWh is produced and put on…

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Kentucky Bourbon Affair, WHISKY LIVE launches in LouisvilleKY

Week-long Bourbon fantasy camp culminates with International Whiskey celebration Mayor Greg Fischer welcomed thousands of guests to the River City this week as part of the Kentucky Bourbon Affair showcase, which features the prestigious WHISKY LIVE International tasting event for the first time ever in the Commonwealth. “Today is National Bourbon Day, and there’s no better place to celebrate our signature spirit this week than Louisville,” Fischer said. “We look forward to sharing our unique Bourbon culture and booming culinary scene with a glass of Kentucky’s finest amber nectar.” More than 2,000 people will descend on Louisville this week for the…


LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK: Good-bye to the Greatest

Is Louisville the focus of the world this week? Maybe. The number of big names in town is staggering, all to attend some portion of the funeral activities for Muhammad Ali. Bill Clinton, Billy Crystal, Jesse Jackson, Will Smith and that’s just the top of the list. I heard Mike Tyson was seen at the Marriott downtown Friday morning. And here’s the good news — it’s all about the message of peace and love that Ali stood for. I’m not even getting upset about those fools out to make a buck selling Ali funeral tickets – Karma will get them….


A Special Interview on “The Greatest” with John Ramsey

Most of us know the legendary stories about Muhammad Ali and his hometown. How he grew up in the West End on Grand Avenue, had his bike stolen and was motivated to fight, that he won the Gold Medal at the Olympics and tossed it into the Ohio River due to racism. We know about his conversion to Islam, his objection to war and his famous quote that really fueled his political opponents —  “I got nothing against no Viet Cong. No Vietnamese ever called me a nigger.” I loved the confidence and arrogance he brought to his sport, the…