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Rick is the entrepreneur behind LouisvilleKy.com. He’s been a world-famous blogger since thinking up The ‘Ville Voice back in 2006. Before leaving that start-up in 2009, he was voted the city’s best blogger by Louisville Magazine. LEO Readers voted his site the best independent news site in the city. In 2009 he organized a news operation at LouisvilleMojo and headed up the Local Voices blog team at WLKY.com in 2010. A long time ago, he was a beat reporter at Business First, launched business news operations in the Kiosk and Pizza industries, and wrote a media column at LEO. He’s a Louisville native and a graduate of WKU.

Murder the Devil, Larry Muhammad’s New Play, On Stage at Vault 1031

September 2, 2014

Former Rusty Satellite Show guest Larry Muhammad has a new play being performed this week. I’m going to try to go, you should to. Here are the details: Add to upcoming 9/11 observances this year a new Larry Muhammad play at Vault 1031 examining the prospect of homegrown terrorism and how it links to...
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My Racquetball Retirement Announcement

August 26, 2014

Well, I've played racquetball since 1980, and it is with some degree of sadness that I'm retiring from the sport.
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Drama in Darkness at the PGA

August 11, 2014
McIlory struggled on the front, but charged home for the win in near darkness

There were fans who so wanted to see the finish of the PGA Championship that they set up at spots early in the morning on Sunday, expecting to be there for an exciting finish about 7 o'clock. But Valhalla absorbed another inch of rain, and the odds of the last group finishing before sunset...
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The World’s Eyes on the ‘Ville — Ready to Toast Rory? Phil? Rickie?

August 9, 2014
The World’s Eyes on the ‘Ville — Ready to Toast Rory? Phil? Rickie?

There's a tremendous story being written at Valhalla Golf Club this weekend, one that all of Louisville will give "legend status" to if it follows the script to its logical conclusion.
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Time to Start Keeping Score at Valhalla

August 6, 2014
Perry talked about his joy at getting to play at Valhalla

After three mostly uneventful days at Valhalla, watching the best golfers in the world make the game look easy, it’s time to get down to business, starting Thursday morning. The PGA, the organization running the tournament, does a great job of feeding the media horde here (with stories, and food). But there’s only so...
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Now Available – My Place on Airbnb

August 4, 2014

So when I moved last month into a "Cozy Cottage in J-town", I decided to try it
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Think Watching Golf is Boring? Not at Valhalla

August 4, 2014

The pros are good. At Monday's practice round, I probably saw two dozen shots taken by various pros. They never miss. At least not by much.
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You Know About Forecastle, Right?

July 17, 2014
You Know About Forecastle, Right?

I don't want to embarrass anyone here, but I was talking to someone who's lived in Louisville for a long time yesterday about what's going on this weekend, and this person (who shall remain unnamed) asked me a surprising question when I mentioned that I would probably go see some of the Forecastle Festival. "What...
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No Accident Happening Here – Elvis Costello Wows the Palace

June 19, 2014
Elvis Costello during his one-man show

If you listen to this week Rusty Satellite Show podcast, you’ll hear all about the obnoxious guy sitting in front of me for the first half of Elvis Costello’s great one-man show at the Louisville Palace June 17. But I refused to let his behavior dominate my memory of the evening. In fact what...
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The First 99 Most Interesting People in the ‘Ville

June 15, 2014

Well, the Rusty Satellite Show has almost made it to a major milestone. This week will mark the 52nd episode of the Rusty podcast.  The list below includes politicians, media professionals, lawyers, entrepreneurs, athletes, professors, public officials and a lot of good friends who agreed to help me build this little show. On Father’s...
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