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Billy Reed: Raise the Twin Spires

Billy Reed has never liked the luxury boxes that obscure the traditional look of the twin spires at Churchill Downs. Now is the time, he suggests, to look at raising them up. by Billy Reed Standing on the backstretch last Sunday at Churchill Downs, it was sad to view the desecration at Kentucky’s most famous landmark. I’m not talking about the barns that were ripped asunder by the recent tornadoes. They will be rebuilt after the current meet, and, unless Churchill management does it on the cheap, it will be sturdier and better. No, I’m talking about the irreparable damage…

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Artis Gilmore — Hall of Famer

Thanks to Billy Reed for these great memories of Artis Gilmore and the Kentucky Colonels. Gilmore was inducted into the Kentucky Athletic Hall of Fame this week, along with Rex Chapman, Bunny Daugherty, Ed Kallay, Jerry May, Phil Roof and George Tinsley. Special thanks to Catholic Sports Net. by Billy Reed LOUISVILLE – At a Kentucky Colonels reunion before Artis Gilmore’s induction into the Kentucky Athletic Hall of Fame, the biggest man in the room sat quietly in a corner, listening and laughing as old friends and former teammates told stories, some of which may have even been truthful, about…

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Tressel Scandal Won’t Stop Cheating

by Billy Reed The Jim Tressel scandal at The Ohio State University is huge, but not huge enough that the Big Ten will become a serious challenger to the Southeastern Conference as the most corrupt fraternity in big-time college sports. Nope, the SEC retired that trophy long ago. Yet now at least maybe Big Ten fans will lose their smug sense of moral superiority when it comes to cheating, lying, and hypocrisy. I’m not ready to say that everybody in big-time college athletics is cheating. But I’m convinced the vast majority is. In fact, I think the overall level of…