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US 42 Road Diet for Dummies

A petition drive makes a variety of terrifying claims that the project will kill their businesses and bring chaos to Lower Brownsboro Road. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, projects like this one all over the world have resulted in the opposite results – a more lively business climate, smoother traffic flow and fewer traffic crashes.

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‘OCCUPY BIKE SEATS’ Could Give Movement Needed Traction

The world looks on and wonders aloud, “Where is the Occupy movement headed?” It might help first to know what the heck the Occupy movement is – beyond the collective frustration of 99 percent of the population feeling ripped off by the ruling one percent. Here’s an answer that could give Occupy some momentum.

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Day 789 of My Car-free experiment

These past two years have galvanized my belief that we don’t have an energy shortage in this country. We have a fatigue surplus! And because fatigue mimics tiredness, most of our people are resistant to walking and cycling. If we already feel tired, we’re not going to be convinced that riding a bike for short trips is a good idea. But just try it for 30 days and you’re very likely to get hooked. You arrive at your destination energized – not drained.

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To Sen. Rand Paul – Dude, Follow Up On Your Oath!

After all, sidewalks and bikeways are basically a matter of public health, safety and national security, all of which our leaders have sworn to protect and defend. When my roadways are unsafe for walking and cycling, my elected officials prove themselves guilty of malpractice and breach of their sworn duty to protect and defend my life, liberty and safety.

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What a cool idea! Evening bike ride to benefit a good cause

In these dog days of summer Prevent Blindness has come up with a very cool idea. It’s America’s first Night Rider. A light, evening bike ride followed by music from Gene Brock & The Hasselhoffs and The Hard Luck.  The event starts at Saints Pizza and Pub, 131 Breckenridge Lane, in the heart of St. Matthews. Sign in and late registration begins at 7:30 p.m. The ride begins at about 9. Music begins at 10:30.  The $25 registration includes the ride, a Night Rider t-shirt, and admission to the show. All proceeds benefit Prevent Blindness America. For details on early…

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Kentucky State Transportation Lets $41.4 Million Go Wasted!

OUTRAGEOUS! The Kentucky Department of Transportation will give up $41.4 million – even though they could have been using the funds to build better bicycling infrastructure, provide bicyclist education, install bike parking. Now they choose instead to send the money back to Washington. Meanwhile, we live in one of the most dangerous places in the U.S. for walking and cycling. And we rank at the bottom of the national Fitness Index. Let KDOT and Congress know you’re not healthy or wealthy enough to give up $41.4 M. You can do something about it! Join Bicycling for Louisville. We want better…

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Independence Day – And Day 664 Car-Free: Live Free or Drive!

As you and I have the freedom to load a bicycle and roam practically wherever we want – whenever the fancy strikes us – we are free. Would you believe that along the way, you can camp on courthouse lawns and swim in public pools in some generous communities for free? And in many of our National Parks, hikers and bikers can camp for practically nothing, or in wilderness areas for free.


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