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I’ve declared a war on Little Pony, Barbie, anything else little & pink

I really wasn’t planning on writing today. I have a whole house to clean up after yesterday’s unexpected snow day. But I feel the need to vent after working in just one room of the house: my daughter’s. I would give my life for my little 5-year-old princess. She can just make my heart explode every time she pops a little kiss on my cheek. But. I’ve declared a war. On her toys. Those little, pink, sharp, pink, cute little toys. After sorting all those little ponies and barbies into their appropriate boxes, I just happened to peek under her…

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Just a little Snow Day story about a mean mom

January 26, 2011 I’ll admit it. I’m a nerd. I love keeping up with the weather. But after the last few weeks of “Oh my gosh, we’re all going to die with THIS storm!” and “No, seriously, THIS ONE is the going to be the big one,” I was tired of being teased. Wouldn’t you know, the first time this winter a “non-event” ended up shutting down schools, sliding cars and creating some very happy school children. Mine included. Last night, I had that inkling that we might be in for some accumulation. By the time I went to bed,…

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U of L forum pricks writer’s conscience

I first heard about the University of Louisville‘s community forum on public discourse through a news update on my iphone. I thought that might be interesting to see but I have way to much to do at home after an unexpected three-day weekend. Oh well. Then I read on Facebook where U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth, Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Greyson and UofL political science professor Jasmine Farrier would be holding the forum at noon and it would streamed live through UofL’s homepage. Hmmm. Maybe I could catch it. Then I forgot about it while switching out a load of…