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All Ears for Ten Years!

If you live in or near Kentucky and have ever drawn a crowd in a club or on a sidewalk; recorded a song with a passionate degree of writing and performing talent–chances are you have played Kentucky Homefront. If your music inspired a standing ovation or caused dancing in the aisles, you’ve been back a few times. If you enjoy the history and preservation of the indigenous music of the mid-south and Appalachian regions of our country–from Irish folk to High Lonesome Bluegrass,  honky tonk to folk-pop, dulcimers to drums–then you’ve been part of the live audience as Kentucky Homefront…

Reading Redding

I’d like to start by thanking Rick Redding for making this site possible. It should prove to be a win-win for contributors and visitors alike. Both will find they have a voice and probably none of it vile. I enjoyed posting on WLKY’s Local Voices in the last months of 2010. Rick gave me the space and freedom to meander  or rant through my daily tribulations or share  serendipitous moments from a bar in my Unstable Table theme. Rick’s concern for and celebration of Metro Louisville is inspiring. Starting out as a fan of his writing on The ‘Ville Voice,…


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