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Chris Ritter

Freelance writer interested in entertainment, social media and multicultural affairs. UK graduate fluent in Japanese. Formerly produced and hosted a one hour weekly film discussion show, Surreelfilm, on Lexington's WRFL 88.1FM.

Web Site: http://www.twitter.com/CT_smash

Film Review: ‘Beginners’

July 15, 2011
Film Review: ‘Beginners’

Directer Mike Mills has created a serenely meditative, powerful and yet at times raucously funny comedy/drama that explores the travails of love, confusion, the legacy of one's parents and the ability to accept and/or escape them.
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‘Lebowski Fest’ strikes the 10th Pen– WIN FREE TICKETS

July 13, 2011

The blissful irreverence that is Lebowski Fest returns to the Derby City this Friday and Saturday (July 15-16th) for what may just be its most raucous iteration yet. Created as an unabashed celebration of ‘The Big Lebowski’, the 1998 cult-classic comedy from the Coen brothers, organizer Will Russell attributes the event’s now decade-long longevity...
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‘Halfway’ set to Electrify your Friday– WIN FREE TICKETS

July 12, 2011

Since it’s inception a few years back Halfway to Forcastle Festival has been the Whopper Jr. to Forecastle proper’s Whopper, but with the 10th anniversary Forecastle Festival being withheld until summer 2012 this formerly bite-sized, electronically-themed appetizer has been elevated to the main stage, and is set to overwhelm your senses this Friday (July...
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Blues-n-Barbecue in the Air this Weekend

July 7, 2011

Returning to the Water Tower this weekend for its 14th annual iteration, the Blues-n-Barbecueue Festival purports to combine family fun with a healthy sampling of regional blues musicians and some delicious barbecue made write here in the Derby City.
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Local Brews Flow Tonight at ‘Mellwood’

July 1, 2011

Uncle Sam proclaims, "I want you to drink local brew." At least that is, according to the Louisville Independent Business Alliance, whose third annual showcase of locally brewed beer, 'Louisville Brewfest', is set to to please the palettes of hop-heads and local-vores alike tonight at the Mellwood Art Center.
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ORBP Part 2: Oh the people you’ll meet!

July 1, 2011

Over the course of two community forums this week, interested and interesting parties on both sides of the debate managed to vocalize a wide range of opinions on the latest incarnation of the Ohio River Bridges Project in a largely civil fashion that should leave us proud of our fellow citizens.
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My Crash Course in the ORBP Part 1

June 29, 2011

I went to the Holliday Inn on Hurstbourne Parkway last night as a boy of a correspondent, generally aware of the implications of the public forum on the Ohio RIdges River Project but somehow expecting to remain unblemished by the circus at hand. I left as a man.... with a headache.
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Film Review: The Tree of Life

June 27, 2011
Tree of Life Poster

The sheer artistry employed in director Terence Malick's 'The Tree of Life' is such that to experience the film is just as much an endeavor of internal discovery as it is external. With a fatalistic barrage of beauty at every frame and an impressionistic narrative that requires just as much construction within the viewer's...
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JAVA no longer, say hello to VINT

June 24, 2011
Vint Coffee

There's been change a'brewing (obligatory coffee pun) at several Java Brewing Company locations and it's more than just the name. According to Toni Lavenson, an owner of the newly monikered 'Vint', the rebranding was about expanding a great coffee experience into a welcoming meeting place and "next generation cafe" serving coffee, beer , wine...
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Watch what you say on Facebook…

June 21, 2011

After posting what was an admittedly insensitive and inflammatory comment on his Facebook wall, legendary film critic Roger Ebert found his profile completely deleted, albeit temporarily.
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