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Backyard Baseball and Bar B Q offers Summer Fun for a Great Cause

Children laughing and the sharp crack of a wooden bat finding its target… the succulent smells of Bar B Q mixed with charcoal-fired burger perfection… live music booming and green grass underfoot… These are some of the best sensations that balmy summer days have to offer and Louisvillians can find all of them this Saturday (July 28), accompanied by an evident passion for the cause. A family friendly event that’s free and open to the public, the 10th annual Backyard Baseball & Bar B Q Alzheimer’s Fundraiser will feature an old-fashioned mini-baseball tournament for kids and teens, burgers and Bar B Q via Mark’s…

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Forecastle X: Interview with Rachel Grimes

Straight-up Louisville post-rock but with a dash of wooded folk and oft-haunting dual vocals, King’s Daughters and Sons are just one of two avenues for checking out the stylings of Rachel Grimes this weekend.’s Forecastle X preview coverage continues as Louisville-native Rachel Grimes speaks to the differences between solo and collaborative efforts, whether or not a city can have a “sound” and her favorite places to perform.

Forecastle X: Interview with Wax Fang’s Scott Carney

Wax Fang’s relatively angst-free, smile-on-your-face jams are exceedingly refreshing in an age dominated by either the stripped-down or overly digitized.’s Forecastle X preview coverage continues with singer/guitarist/songwriter Scott Carney speaking of “quadraphonic love affairs”, the power of the local music scene, forthcoming Wax Fang releases and much more.

Forecastle X: Holly Weyler talks of Local Love and Killer Jams continues its Forecastle X preview coverage today via an extended chat with ‘She-Captain of the boat’ Holly Weyler. Wearer of an untold number of hats, Weyler talks My Morning Jacket, the festival’s 10-year-long progression towards big-boy-pants territory, the art of sharing our hometown and other nautical nonsense.

FFF12: Kentucky Director’s Pilgrim Song Finally Comes Home

Making its Louisville premiere Friday night as part of the 4th annual Flyover Film Festival, “Pilgrim Song” screened for a capacity crowd in the Speed Art Museum auditorium. Just the second full-length effort from Kentucky director Martha Stephens, whose film “Passengers Pigeons” was featured in last year’s festival, this newest picture once again showcased what are arguably the filmmaker’s greatest strengths. Namely, a genuine abundance of talent coupled with a ever-apparent reverence for her roots.

FFF12: 4th Flyover Film Fest Kicks off in Hours

With festival alumni including the likes of independent heavyweights “Winter’s Bone” (Jennifer Lawrence launchpad), “Meek’s Cutoff” and “Another Earth”, the Flyover FIlm Festival continues its promise of bagging the best and freshest of the festival circuit (and some hometown highlights where avaialable), while demonstrating an impressive knack for choosing material that’s both current and vital.

Go-Go-Gadget Review: LG Lucid Smartphone on Verizon 4G LTE

Penny-pinchers and super-late adopters rejoice. The LG Lucid on Verizon’s 4G LTE network certainly won’t be taking any blue ribbons in the bells and whistles department, but the $79.99 price tag leaves its bevy of core competencies looking all the more competent. Combining satisfactory basics with a surprisingly powerful camera and screen, the LG Lucid puts all the power of a smartphone in the hands of the budget-minded, and thankfully, without the feeling of having just bought a KIA.

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Local Director takes his Horror Show on the Road

Director Kristofer Rommel is a man who admittedly knows more than his share about a slow decent into madness, having landed on the often thankless ambition of independent filmmaking. And while Rommel must be doing a few things right, with two dozen plus shorts and features to his credit over the past two decades, his latest effort is a portrait of exactly that. A dramatic prequel to a forthcoming “thinking man’s horror” of the same name, “Wireface: In the Beginning” made its world premiere earlier in the spring at the 2012 Derby City Film Festival and continues its debut circuit…

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Zombie Drama “Mama..” Might Rip Out Your Heart

Our delightfully offbeat friends at The Alley Theater are packing even more guts than usual. Sure, they may be the maggot-covered, festering axe-wound sort of guts, but InHuman:A Festival of the New American Undead Theater boasts more than enough of the aforementioned entrails to go around, and indeed serves as a refreshingly gore-tastic reprieve from similarly named and comparatively far-less-daring (but yeah, less messy too) counterparts. One of ten post-mortem premieres continuing through the end of March, “Mama Didn’t Raise No Zombie” was written by Brian Walker (veteran playwright and artistic director of Louisville-based Finnigan Productions) and explores the plight of the inhabitants of a family farm on the outskirts of town. Oh, and the city’s been overrun by Zombies.