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Can you believe it… Positive News for Louisville Home Sales!

Tonight there is some encouraging news for Louisville homeowners. New Louisville home sales numbers for January 2011 show the number of homes going under contract up some 14% over January of 2010. Not impressed, oh but you should be. Remember we had a first time and a move up buyers tax credit in effect last year. Add to that January weather was terrible! I can personally tell you it’s no fun slipping and sliding into and out of driveways and walkways. So 14% is a respectable number for homes going under contract. The rest of the news for Louisville homeowners…

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All You Can Eat Lobster….I’m there!!!

One of my favorite foods in the entire world is Lobster! I can just about eat my weight in the Crustaceans in one sitting. I’ve even mastered a unique way to get the meat out of a tail without having to do any cutting. So combine an all you can eat lobster event with a fundraiser for one of my favorite Louisville organizations, Actors Theater, and you have a win – win! That’s the background and why I’m thrilled this Saturday is the annual 2011 Lobster Feast. This year the theme is Pop Goes The Sixties and so we’ve been…

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AT&T.. are you kidding?

I just read the latest “AT&T Enhances Wireless Coverage in Downtown Louisville” Report. This must be a press release from AT&T’s PR division. So if this e-mail/blog post reaches at least one of them I’ll feel better: To all management at AT&T; you must be nuts. I used to be a supporter of AT&T. I ignored the reports of service problems in cities like San Francisco because I never had a major problem living here in Louisville. That changed 2 weeks ago. I’m told after almost daily calls to your company that at least 1 cell tower is having major…

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Trader Joe’s… another reason to Love Louisville?

I’ll admit I’ve never been to a Trader Joes but I’ve heard plenty about them! In fact a roar of approval went up around my office today when we read that they might be considering Louisville as an expansion city. The two operative words here “read” and “might”. Now follow this…. The Courier Journal’s Chris Otts’ quoted a Business first story by John Karman that “Several sources, who asked not to be identified, have told Business First that the Monrovia, Calif.-based chain — one of the hottest retailers in the country — plans to bring a store to Shelbyville Road…

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Driving Home in the Snow

It’s amazing…even with just a little snow on the road people are driving like a blizzard is coming. We sell Louisville Homes luckily we didn’t have any appointments today. I’m not so worried about the snow.. it’s more about the drivers. Bob Sokoler is a former Anchor/Reporter turned Louisville Realtor 7 years ago in Louisville Kentucky. You can learn more about Bob and his Team at

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The Louisville version of an EXTREME Makeover

Are you one of the many people living in Louisville wondering if you should remodel parts of the home and stay in it several more years or simply put it on the market and sell it. You might also be thinking it’s time to fix up the house and then sell it. If so here’s the question your probably asking : Where do you spend the money? As a Louisville Realtor I can tell you the most popular renovations (and the ones that will help sell your home faster) are in the kitchen and master bathroom. Those are the 2…

Stopping Foreclosures in Louisville

Oh how we wish we could have helped Janeen Jones who’s the subject of a new story in the Courier Journal. “Louisville foreclosures up again in 2010; might be easing this year” was published n the CJ 1/13/2011. It’s a good read with good information about Janeen and thousands of people in her situation who are going (or have been) through the foreclosure process. But the story leaves out some very important facts that homeowners need to know. Don’t blame CJ writer Chris Otts for missing the key facts about foreclosure because it’s a problem missed by most of the…