And No Drinking til 6


I don’t really like this new weather guy at Fox41. Ever since Jude Redfield’s been on the air, the weather has sucked.  Some Paul Emmick fans started a Facebook group “Keep Paul Emmick on Fox 41 News.” But only 40 people joined.

Bueno Bocaditos : The popular Seviche restaurant on Bardstown Road in the Highlands will close Sunday, but that’s a good thing for fans of Chef Anthony Lamas’ Latino cuisine.  For four weeks, workers will be busy expanding into the old ear-x-tacy space next door, creating an additional 30 seats, a new lounge and bar, and there are 40 more parking spaces out back. Should be the “in” spot this summer.

There's a new book on Waterfront Park

Waterfront in Words and Pictures: There’s a new book being released Sunday at Slugger Field. It’s about the Waterfront’s redevelopment and is primarily a marketing vehicle for the Waterfront Development Corp.,  which paid historian Rick Bell $48K to write it. It’s published by Butler Books. It’s 400 pages, or about a dime a page, if you buy it at the ($5 off) reduced price of $40 Sunday. The book signing is at 2.

Worthless Resolutions: Skeptics of the value of the Metro Council (like me) are having a field day with Dan Johnson’s latest — he’s wasting our time with a non-binding resolution calling for an end to the “war on workers” across the country. Johnson says local Teamsters encouraged him to introduce the resolution two months ago. He says states all around us are attacking workers’ rights, and the resolution will send a message.

I Can Guess Who Will Be Against This: There’s a new proposal on the table from Mayor Fischer to persuade Metro Council members to give up some of their discretionary funds in exchange for an equal amount of paving dollars in their districts.  It would lessen the freedom members have to choose where to direct those funds. Let’s see how Judy Green likes that one.

Driving Frankfort Avenue: You’ll notice some activity, finally, at the old Genny’s Diner.  WHAS-TV had Frank Faris telling his story yesterday, and Fox41 went inside the structure to report on the Comfy Cow’s plans for the site, which is to raze the grease-laden former restaurant and and put a store in the Victorian structure next door. Faris said he plans to open a new restaurant at an undisclosed location soon, but I think public sympathy for Frank may have run its course.

Oh, Yeah, It’s Election Day: That’s why kids are out of school, and about 1 in 10 Kentuckians is taking five minutes to vote. In the GOP Governor’s primary, Bobbi Holsclaw is telling media the low turnout and her popularity in Louisville gives her a shot. I think she might actually get more votes than Phil Moffett, but it will be David Williams against Steve Beshear in the fall. The undercard, Jerry Abramson vs. Richie Farmer, may get more media attention.

Maid Attraction?: First that creepy IMF chief, Dominique Struas-Kahn, rapes the chambermaid in his New York hotel. Now the LA Times reports Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a child with a member of his staff. Insert your own joke here.