An introduction with a touch of irreverence.

This morning a friend in Philadelphia sent me a link to an article on (this very URL!).  He posted the article to my Facebook page with a funny comment about Kentucky Jews — the WLKY typo of “Jew York Jets.”

You see, I am a Kentucky half-Jew, thus privy to many jokes.  My Philadelphia friend  (Adam Brodsky, a hilarious Yankee singer-songwriter who has a Guinness World Record™ for touring 50 states in 50 days, and whose music will make you LOL, omg) shared this article with me, along with the clever comment “its nust a simple mistake, the two keys are right jext to oje ajother,”  thus reminding me if people as far off as Philadelphia are stumbling across Rick Redding’s new and awesome website, that I am LONG overdue in posting an introductory blog.

So hello.

I am first and foremost a musician. Somewhere along the way, I started blogging about my tours and tribulations.  People started reading, and I started writing more.  Then somehow my blog morphed into more than just musician war stories, and began included recipes, garden adventures, touring tips, rants, raves, and deep thoughts.  A sample from last year’s blog includes a discovery of homemade microwave popcorn, a cultural rant about independent record stores, celebrity encounters while on tour in Scotland, and a ticket giveaway (that one is from today).

I try to keep my life adventurous, and I aim to share those adventures with my readers.

Anyway, back to the Jew-mistake on WLKY.  It’s pretty funny. At my graduation from New York University, even Quincy Jones (our keynote speaker) mumbled “N-Y-Jew” during commencement.  We all giggled, despite its being more than a bit irreverent and most likely an unintentional slip of the tongue.

I tend to be pretty irreverent though, as you’ll discover along the course of this blog.  So thanks for hanging out at, and I’ll be back soon.

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  1. happy to see I guilted you into posting, Brigid, and sorry I missed you Friday night. Welcome aboard!

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