A Wedding Announcement (David and Brigid)

David and Brigid -- blissfully blogging

Brigid Kaelin is getting marrried!

There, the word is officially out.  The groom is David Caldwell, known to Brigid’s fans as FWT (Friend with a Truck).  He’s from Texas and works in Tina Ward-Pugh’s 9th District Metro Council office. And from what I hear is quite a romantic, and writer.  Brigid, of course, is the beloved local musician and piano teacher who’s quirky enough to play an instrument you can get at Home Depot in public.

Brigid’s been blogging for a while now on various topics like music and cookware and where to put stuff and whiskey.  But when she told me she was not sure how to handle news of such a personal nature in public, I suggested a special section here at LouisvilleKY.com. So here we go.

Brigid and David say they’re comfortable with the idea of sharing their battles over party favors and bridesmaid dresses and honeymooning with a grateful public.  They promise multi-weekly posts about the process, so why not start it out here on Valentine’s weekend.

4 Comments on "A Wedding Announcement (David and Brigid)"

  1. Congrats Brigid! Great news to hear.

  2. Thanks, Christine … should be an adventure!

  3. Elaine Speevack | February 16, 2011 at 12:35 am | Reply

    My sweet Brigid, I finally can spread the word to my friends in town, some of whom call me whenever they hear your dulcid tones on the radio. I am so happy for you and David.
    I think you are a special person, and David is a hunky Texan, as nice and sweet as a guy
    can be. You look great together and seem to be a great match. Many years of love together. “Grandma” Elaine

  4. Mike and Janet | June 20, 2011 at 4:25 pm | Reply

    Dear Brigid,
    We are so happy for you and David. We will be out of town on the 29th, but we will certainly be there in spirit.
    Love to you both!

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