A Skinkin’ Good Read from Carl Hiaasen

You’re gonna love Skink.

If you’re not familiar with Carl Hiaasen, the Miami Herald columnist (you remember the endangered species, the newspaper columnist) who regularly criticizes politician and polluters in south Florida, his latest book is a good place to start. It features one of Hiaasen’s familiar characters, an ex-governor of Florida turned swamp-stained environmental enforcer.  Skink, who’s been a part of several previous works of fiction, is the most memorable and colorful character you’ll ever meet in a book.


The latest from Carl Hiaasen

And, you’ve got a chance to meet the author Tuesday night. Carmichaels Bookstore is bringing Carl to Louisville for a talk at Collegiate School. You can also listen to my talk with Carmichaels co-owner Carol Besse here.

Skink No Surrender is a first for Hiaasen. After claiming a niche in mysteries for adults, he wrote some prize-winning books targeting children, and a side project on golf. The latest is meant for young adults, so you can give it to the young reader in your house when you’re finished. That’s what I did.

My advice to my three boys, when they were growing up, was to find an author you like and read multiple titles. And first Nick, then Josh, and now Luke, have been introduced to Carl Hiaasen’s works – which you could summarily describe as excellent exercises in poking fun at Floridians for making dumb decisions. The bad guys are always trying to get away with murder, or robbery, with schemes they imagine will put them on easy street.

Not to give it away, but Skink turns out the hero in the newest book, but not before some adventurous tangles with a bad guy in a swamp. And an alligator.

I hope to see you at Collegiate School Tuesday night.


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